Use Creative .MY Domains to Create a Funny Malaysia Website URL


Own funny MY Domain in Malaysia

Choosing a domain name is a crucial task for businesses.

A domain name should preferably be short, crisp, and memorable and should communicate the brand’s message to the people. 

It is now easy to own a funny .my domain from Exabytes to establish a popular website and reach a wide audience across Malaysia.

Malaysians can do funny things with .my domains while they promote their businesses.

As we know that these domain extensions are Malaysia’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD) which belongs to businesses growing in Malaysia.

TLDs are the top-level website name and .my domains that enhances the website performance in the country.

According to Datuk Ts Hasnul Fadhly Hasan, he said that as it spells out the English word “my” which refers to one’s belongings. Therefore, .MY domain is the most sought-after website address in the entire world.

Malaysians conduct a google search around 20 million times a day which implies there is a high chance of gaining a popular positioning in google search through .my domain names.

Some examples of website names that are popular are,, etc. 

The Star Malaysia

For anyone wanting to run an online business in Malaysia, it is best to have a website URL and a creative .my domain name which is available.

Whether you are starting a food delivery business, IT services, organic products or any other business, a creative domain name can change the outlook of the business, an ecommerce venture or an online store.

An attractive .my domain name creates awareness and draws people while establishing the business.

There are distinct types of domain name extension available for commercial and personal use – .net, .edu, .org, .gov etc.

5 Creative Domain Names You Never Expected

Domain Malaysia Website


This is a creative .my domain that could be a significant use for a food blog and website name. It immediately connects with food, hunger and tummy.

With Malaysians being foodies, can be a quirky website for a modern food blog which explores different food cuisines.

The website name with big-tum can articulate the thoughts of the food blog through its brand name in Malaysia.


For an entrepreneur or a MSME selling fishing equipment or fish nets, this is the perfect domain name to be used in Malaysia.

The website URL formation could be funny and creative, it would also make visitors and the audience curious about the business itself.


A website which discovers super tea collection or organic sauna can use in Malaysia.

The website URL enhances the quality of the product as ‘super’ in the website name.

Get this .my domain name from Exabytes at an affordable price and secure it.


A crisscross pattern that identifies your tea business or brand name could use this website name as an official .my domain name for the business.

In Malaysia, .my domain names receive far more attention and visits on Google.

Having a .my domain to enhance the popularity of the brand’s website URL increases your chance of visibility during Google search.

It also has a better chance of ranking very high and on the first page.


It is easy to be noticed and become popular with .my domain extensions in Malaysia.

For ab entrepreneur wanting to own an organic food business or plant business, this domain name is appropriate.

Creative website names ensures that the traffic increases with the interested customers. Make sure to use a domain extension that helps you form an attractive website URL.

What if Your .MY Domain Name is in Use?

The best way to ensure that you purchase your dream company name is to buy your domain name as soon as possible.

Creative website names are of high value and priced high due to their demand in the market.

In case your .my domain name is already in use; you can add combinations to your name to make it more creative.

There are a few cases where you can head to the original name and find a blank page with a few ads on them.

Domain parking is a purchased domain but not in use, so if you find a parked .my domain, you can reach out to purchase it at a higher price.

If you have reasons to own a .my domain name, which is already in use, MYNIC can help you get that by filing a dispute.

One can always create their own website URL in unique manner unless it is required to purchase from parked domain.

Many small entrepreneurs finalize a creative domain name to sell their products and services through their engaging website name.

Use a funny and tickling website name for your online business now. Malaysian people would perhaps connect easily with the funny Malaysia domain that produces a good website URL.

Look for your preferred choice of .my or domain name from Exabytes.

Step-by-Step to Register a Creative .MY Domain Name 

Exabytes E Business branding

At Exabytes Malaysia, we ensure that you get funny and witty mind of our experts to produce your website URL.

Follow the below steps to get the most creative .my website domain in Malaysia.

Step 1: Visit Exabytes Domain Registration Services

Step 2: Enter your preferred .my domain in the homepage and click ‘Check Domain’ to begin domain name search.

Step 3: If you enter you will see the message ‘Congratulations, is available. Click ‘continue’ to own as your website name.

Step 4: Review your domain configuration. The best deal available for you by Exabytes is RM79.80/year. 

Step 5: Complete the payment and get your website URL with .my domain.

Exabytes offers more services with the .MY domain at as low as RM79.80/yr.

  • Five email accounts
  • 25 GB of storage for each mail
  • Security and anti-spam service
  • Access email from a laptop or mobile
  • 100-day money-back guarantee

There is a domain name generator which can be used to spin up names too!

Why Choose Exabytes Domain Hosting?

Exabytes offers professional services for your business to get a business email and creative domain name.

Contact our experts to choose your creative domain name that matches your brand visibility in Malaysia.

We help you with solutions to grow your business through domain name, .com domain, business email hosting, and eCommerce Website design, cloud hosting and data protection.

Have A Cool Domain Name in Mind?

Use our simple domain availability checker to check
if your dream domain is taken or not.

Have A Cool Domain Name in Mind?

Use our simple domain availability checker to check
if your dream domain is taken or not.

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