Top 5 Google Workspace Apps Frequently Utilized by Successful Companies


Google Workspace Apps

Google Workspace apps for business offers a collection of applications email, calendar, notes, storage, documents, presentations, video calls and more to make the business successful and productive at all costs. 

According to reports, Google Workspace plans were in use by 3 billion users in 2021 and the subscription is increasing in 2022 as well.

Membership plans of GWS include all the collaborative tools and productive applications to conduct business in 2022, which makes companies successful. 

G suite customer segregation data suggests that Google Workspace has been integrated by large businesses from the United States (69.4%), Australia (3.9%), United Kingdom (5.1%) and Canada (2.9%), where most of the businesses are from the manufacturing, educational, retail, real estates and professional services.

Let’s see in this blog post about the 5 Google Workspace apps that successful companies use to schedule meetings, make presentations, track projects, communicate and more. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a scheduling tool used by enterprises to track their work and allot work for a specific day or time.

Managers use Google Calendar to set reminders, meeting alerts and develop tasks for the team members.

Make the best use of Google Calendar with the following tips

  • Sync Google Calendar with marketing software and CRM 
  • Schedule meeting time and work allotment with Google Calendar, and share it with team members for them to figure out employees’ free and work time
  • Add documents or google hangout to a specific event 
  • Advanced appointment setting using Google Planner

Google Calendar app is beneficial for managers to organize the tasks for each event and add the documents of the respective event to save time on sharing and communicating.

Google Planner sets the daily agenda, and work hours and uses appointment tools for better appointment setting. 

Therefore, create a Google schedule for a business to increase productivity and time management.

Contact any Google Workspace providers for a suitable Google Workspace plan.

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Google Gmail

Gmail is one of world’s most popular email service by Google, used by professionals, businesses, institutes and personal individuals. 

Google business email offers 15GB space with their free email service.

However, businesses need much more than that for their daily operations and communications, especially ecommerce business.

It is therefore in the best interest of a business to subscribe to Google business email’s paid service to get access to additional enterprise grade storage.

A little more persuasion is required in case a business is still using personal email id instead of adopting the Google business email of Google Workspace plan.

The advantages of using email:

  • Synchronization with MS Outlook 365 with free POP and IMPAP (internet protocols)
  • Custom google business email
  • Advanced Spam and phishing protection
  • Cloud storage from 30GB, increased storage space than personal google email
  • Integration with Google hangouts to send instant text messages and voice calls
  • Organized email replies as conversations

Exabytes offers free domain after purchase of any Google Workspace plans – business starter, business standard or business plus.

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Google Drive

Google Drive Interface

Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies use Google Workspace apps for their business productivity and collaboration.

One of the crucial GWS apps is Google Drive – a storage service by google to store, share and create files in the cloud.

Google Drive storage provides 15 GB space with a free google account.

This quota increases when a business opts for GWS plans as they get access to large size storage starting from 30GB to 5TB as per the selection of plans.

It may be worthwhile to check some google workplace plans offered by Exabytes

Google Workspace is fast emerging as a preferred online collaboration and agile project management tool for growing SMEs, small businesses and developed businesses. 

Google Drive uploads could be data in any form – be it documents, presentations, images, audio or video of a business.

What’s more, all this is done seamlessly too with ease.

Given below are steps to be followed to perform a google drive upload.

  • On a browser, go to drive. to access Google Drive storage
  • Go to the top left corner, click ‘NEW’ > ‘File Upload’
  • Choose the file, folders, images or audio for uploading
  • Click ‘upload’

Google Drive uploads also supports drag-n-drop of files into the drive.

Google drive is also available for desktops with offline access to files and folders.

When a business opts for Google Workspace plan, it is essential to backup Gmail, drive and calendar to ensure business continuity.

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Google Chat 

Google Hangouts or Google Chat

Instant messaging platforms like Google Chat are attracting business professionals to minimize the communication gap or delay in communication.

Google Chat app boosts efficiency of teams by allowing people to exchange and receive messages instantly and get work done.

Google live chat is the enhanced version of classic google handouts, and it operates on the web as well as on mobile in support of Android and iOS versions.

Google Workspace ecosystem is diverse and with applications like Google Chat, meetings and communication are easy to conduct in large organizations.

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Google Meet 

Google Meet

A video-conferencing application is indispensable in today’s world with businesses connecting with people globally.

Google meet minimizes the distance among team members spread across countries and brings together for a professional video session from 100-500 participants.

Google Workspace plan allows for up to 500 participants to join video meetings, attendance tracking and recordings.

The Google meet app is downloadable on iOS and Android with the option of joining in meetings, a dial-in phone option, an unlimited number of meetings, live captioning during meetings and more with Google Workspace plans.

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Roundup of These Google Workspace Apps

Google Workspace apps has countless features for productivity and collaboration which successful businesses use to provide smart solutions for their customers.

After seeing the top 5 GWS apps and its features that can help a business to become successful, deciding to subscribe to a Google Workspace plan is a no-brainer.

At Exabytes, professionals help businesses select the best suitable Google Workspace plan for their operational use, online collaboration and agile project management.

Contact us today over email and / or WhatsApp to know more and come onboard the world of collaboration apps.

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