Effective Google Workspace B2B Sales Solutions for Sales Teams


Google Workspace B2B Sales Solutions

A company that has a sales unit of 10 to 12 people plus a unit manager, Google Workspace provides them with the sales productivity tools they need to efficiently connect with one another and with their clients, including Google Workspace solutions like Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Contacts, and Groups.

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Sales and B2B sales solutions experts from all across the world suggested the ways they utilize Google Workspace solutions to reinvent their processes.

1# Create an RFP with your team. (Google Docs, Drive)

If one has a critical request for proposal (RFP) to deliver on a short deadline? Need input from several teams but don’t want to deal with version control and edit-locking issues?

Google Docs may be used to concurrently develop the material, offer real-time feedback via the comment function, and collaborate to create a winning RFP.

Increase productivity with these sales productivity tools throughout your organization.

  • A territorial plan in Google Docs provides visibility into projections, account status, and next steps.
  • Google Drive may be used to securely handle documents such as sales presentations and market research.
  • Using Google Calendar sales productivity tools, one can keep track of important meetings, timetables, and product changes.

2# Maintain the files on any device with Google Workspace sales productivity tools

If one has to view a critical file while away from the office. Do you need to edit papers at a customer site but don’t have your computer?

Once a file is saved on a disk or a shared drive, it may be accessed and edited on any device. This is a helpful B2B sales solutions tool for the team.

3# Train your salespeople to use these sales productivity tools whenever and wherever they choose.

Do you have a dispersed sales force that requires training? And want to cut your onsite education costs?

Use Google Meet to hold a virtual class anywhere in the world while saving time and money on travel. The instruction can even be recorded and made available afterward.

4# Produce and distribute high-quality creative materials to your agency using these sales productivity tools.

Working with the agency on creative assets? One needs to ensure that everyone receives the most recent designs, videos, PDFs, and other materials.

Google Drive Interface

Save your B2B sales solutions files and folders to Google Drive or a shared drive, then easily share them with the agency.

5# Control your trade exhibitions with Google Workspace b2b sales solutions

Have a trade show coming up with several teams and a tight deadline? Do you want to ensure that assets are developed and delivered on time?

Do you need to keep track of who has signed up for booth duty?

Google Sheets allow you to save, share, and update all of your project information in one location in real time.

6# Gather and evaluate feedback with Google Workspace sales productivity tools (Sheets)

If one wants to survey a group and obtain answers quickly without consulting a data expert, Google Forms make it simple to create online surveys.

One may observe real-time replies and then use sales productivity tools like Sheets to construct graphs and charts to study them.

7# Construct executive presentations.

If one needs a slide deck for a customer meeting, one can collaborate with the team on the manager’s keynote presentation.

Join forces in Google Slides to shape the main messages and imagery into an effective presentation.

Increase trust and confidence via effective communication with sales productivity tools

  • Respond to RFPs quickly by collaborating on Google Docs and assigning owners to various areas.
  • Collaborate on proposals with your account and marketing teams via Google Slides.
  • Pitch your consumers on Google Meet video conversations, which they can effortlessly join from anywhere, on any device, with no need for an account.

8# Find essential emails more quickly (Gmail)

If one wants an intelligent folder structure or wants Gmail to sort the emails for them, such as by project or client, set up filters and labels to help you discover and answer critical emails faster.

Using familiar B2B sales solutions, one can quickly get everyone on board.

  • Make an internal website where everyone can access sales productivity tools playbooks and customer information.
  • Perform virtual sales role plays to fine-tune positioning and practice managing objections.
  • Communicate while on the go using the Google Gmail mobile app.

Best Google Workspace Sales Collaboration Solution

The top four characteristics that positively affect customer satisfaction for Google Workspace for B2B sales solutions are “Has the product been a good business partner?” “Ease of Administration?” “Quality of Support?” and “Ease of Use.”

To compute these criteria, a B2B sales solutions algorithm analyzes the attributes that are most likely to predict user contentment within this category.

1# Support Suite by Zendesk

The most accessible B2B sales solutions to use in Google Workspace for sales productivity tools.

It might be difficult to give help across several channels – but the consumers don’t need to know.

The Support Suite b2b sales solutions enable the company to have genuine discussions with its consumers while hiding what’s going on behind the scenes.

2# Salesforce

The B2B sales solution is the easiest to use with Google Workspace.

Salesforce essentials allow one to harness the power of Salesforce to strengthen customer interactions by providing combined sales productivity tools and support CRM for small businesses that are simple to use, set up, and manage.

3# Google Sheets Email Verification

Email verification is a Google Workspace add-on that allows one to validate email addresses in Google Sheets immediately. Simply install the add-on to verify contacts.

This B2B sales solution add-on validates new contacts without needing an export/import procedure.


Google Workspace includes all of the sales productivity tools one needs to manage fundamental customer connections, such as contact sharing and management, address books, permissions and access, and more.

If you want to get a Google Workspace B2B sales solution for your business-to-business (B2B), Exabytes can help set it up.

Get in touch with our experts over the phone and get a free consultation about Google Workspace.

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