A Complete Guide to Google Ads [Types & Examples]


Digital enablement of business is one-dimensional development, but the other dimension is about having a strong focus on business promotions in the digital environment. 

Various sets of digital platforms are available for advertisements on the internet. However, among the most popular set of advertising options, Google Ads are a prominent solution. 

With billions of searches taking place every day and globally millions of users rely on Google search engines, google reviews, and promotions for searching a place or store or product availability in specific locations. 

Google Ads is one of the prominent solutions which is among the economies of scale for SMBs in Malaysia as Google Ads Malaysia supports more resourceful leads and reaches the target markets. 

google ads

Technically, Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program, wherein the program enables the business to create an online ad for reaching out to audiences interested in products and service offerings. 

Google Ads solution supports different kinds of advertising strategies, wherein the lead generation-based payments, pay-per-click kind of leads, and just reach targeted plans, from Google Ads can be a potential benefit. 

Some of the key benefits of Google Ads are: 

  • Google Ads massive reach 
  • Capabilities supporting a distinct type of targeting
  • Harness intent
  • Better control of Ad campaigns 
  • Bring budgets to the table
  • Easy to understand set-up for Google Ads 
  • Better results in the Search Engine Optimization process using Google Ads
  • Lead generation 
  • More conversions
  • Better ROI with Google Ads, and Google Pay-per-Click advertising

Google puts significant among advertising type options, and users have the access to millions of searches taking place over the world’s largest search engine, and a network of millions of websites wherein the advertisement can take place in Google Ads

Despite that the Google Ads has some level of complex interface, and it takes a while for the users to get hands-on, for professionals handling the system, the user interface stands easier. 

Irrespective of whether a business decides to manage the Google Ads management on their own or by outsourcing it to digital marketing teams, the emphasis on terminology, and choosing the right kind of Google Ads, can help to have a more structured campaign and towards reaping the benefits of the system. 

Google ads are one of the most popular forms of advertising. They have a variety of different types which all have their own unique features and benefits.

How Does Google Ads Work

Google Ads are of distinct types as mentioned earlier, and for the businesses choosing to work on Google Advertising solution, they must have definitive targets in mind for the process.  

Some of the key factors wherein Google Ads work are towards 

  • Increasing the reach and leads to the business
  • Routing more traffic to the website or landing pages 
  • Increasing the sponsored ads’ reach, and ensuring that in some of the searches, the ads are promoted at the top. 
  • Integrated analytics platform guiding how each of the Google Ad words campaigns is faring, and the measures resourceful. 

The target group selection managed effectively can help in delivering results in terms of choosing whether the Google Ads or pay-per-click is considered for Google Local Business or in common over its global search engine. 

Google had its agreement with thousands of websites, blogs, and Youtube channels, which stands as the prominent reason why the Google Ads in more relevant categories are reaching the public and the kind of results expected in the process 

From the business users’ end, the following are some of the critical steps that can increase the value proposition of your Google Ads campaign. 

Businesses post signing up for Google AdWords account, must provide the following information 

  • A proper landing page for each of the Google Ads targeted
  • Active URL for the Google Ads reachability
  • Three short sentences and images about the uniqueness of your business 

Basis the above, Ad copy creation is possible from Google, and the users can set the budget for the campaign, and the Google Ads engine shall help in predicting the possible campaign success. 

Once the teams are convinced of the predicted outcome, the Google Ads can go live.

For every successful pay per click advertising click, the PPC cost shall be cut from the budget, and with increasing PPC clicks, Google Ads shall increase their rank and reach the top search spots on the Google search engines. 

There are distinct types of Google Ads that are resourceful for running ad campaigns at various stages. 

Google Ads has a bidding system, wherein the business can give a maximum bid one is willing to pay for click on your Google Ads.

The highest bidder gets better placement for different types of Google Ads placement structures. 

What Are the Types of Google Ads?

Types of Google Ads: Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads,and Display Network Ads.

1. Text Ads

Text ads are the most common type of ad on Google. They are simple, text-based ads that appear at the top or bottom of search results pages.

Google text ad example:

Text ads from Google Advertising

2. Image Ads

Image ads are a newer form of ad that can be used in addition to or instead of text ads. Image ads generally offer more information about products and services to entice users to click on them.

Google image ad example:

Google Image ads

3. Video Ads

Video is quickly becoming one of the most important forms of content, and video ads take advantage of this by allowing advertisers to show a short video clip with relevant information about their product or service in order to capture user attention before they leave the page.

Google video ad example:

Google video ads

4. Display Network Ads

Display network ads are often called banner or rectangle units because they appear in rectangular shapes near the top.

Google Display Network Ads example:

Google display network ads

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

In this category, there is a fixed cost involved for each of the clicks received for your Google Ads.

With the increasing clicks for the advertising, the cost of Google Ads is high. This kind of CPC is high on TikTok ads

TikTok Application

Cost-per-Mile (CPM) is the category of Google Ads wherein the cost is per thousand impressions emerging in the process of the campaign. 

Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) is the kind of lead conversion model of Google Ads, wherein the prospect spends time on predetermined actions like sign-up, referral, or making a purchase from the landing page, etc. 

The other set of Google Ads system is the Campaign type, wherein the Youtube video campaign, TikTok ads, shopping campaign, etc. are adapted 

Pay per click Advertising from Google has significant demand and is a commonly used form of Google Ads campaign wherein the businesses are receiving a significant outcome from the process. 

Irrespective of the campaign models, having definitive objectives, and narrowing down the target specifics are known to improve the overall process of Ad campaign results. 

In simple terms, even as end-user when we search on Google, our preferences are on Google Ads that are more relevant to the search criteria than the generic. 

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