How Did INFLUASIA Manage Overwhelming Website Traffic with AWS Cloud?


How Did INFLUASIA Manage Overwhelming Website Traffic with AWS Cloud?

INFLUASIA upgraded their website performance and scalability with AWS Cloud with the expertise of Exabytes.

Award winning digital media group and influencer agency, INFLUASIA, is Malaysia’s leading member when it comes to news sites with over millions of engagements monthly.

INFLUASIA is the parent agency behind notable sites you and I would’ve browsed through before, in the likes of,,,, and


Technical Advice by Exabytes Team

As a supportive customer of Exabytes for many years, the technical team at Exabytes noticed the tremendous increase in traffic to their websites this March 2023.

The significant changes to the flow into their websites were immediately monitored and the team at Exabytes identified that the current hosting architecture may not scale anymore to handle the increased traffic due to the demand and popularity in the news articles posted on their sites.

The numerous sites by INFLUASIA started to attract a huge amount of attention from public internet readers.

Migration Approach

Following this detection, the team at Exabytes recommended a migration to INFLUASIA. This migration would mean a migration of their workloads to Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

The Amazon ECS is known to be a more efficient solution to deploy, manage, and scale containerised applications. Exabytes started off with Rehosting to minimise downtime of sites and followed by Refactoring each of the websites to improve its overall performances.

This migration deeply integrates with the AWS environment and has provided an easy-to-use solution for INFLUASIA, an agency who runs container workloads on the cloud platform. Amazon ECS enables access anywhere with advanced security features.

The migration of workloads for INFLUASIA over to AWS ECS completed in July 2023. After completion, both the team and Exabytes and INFLUASIA were able to identify the significant difference where all their websites are now able to scale and handle the traffic surge received.

Together with AWS Cloudfront, a content delivery network (CDN) service that helps you distribute your static and dynamic content quickly and reliably with high speed, INFLUASIA was able to successfully reduce their CDN cost by approximately 20%.

Value-added Services by Exabytes

To further enhance INFLUASIA’s website performances, Exabytes is also providing INFLUASIA with our Cloud Managed Service.

This is to help INFLUASIA in managing the complex and tedious work involved in handling high traffic web servers and to be able to scale high traffic websites automatically.

Exabytes was also able to keep the cost low for INFLUASIA by bringing them onboard AWS’ pay per use model where the unused staging and testing workloads will not be charged.

This can keep INFLUASIA’s AWS expenses minimal by only turning them on during actual testing and staging periods.

To enhance better affordability for the business, Exabytes introduced INFLUASIA to AWS’ Lift programme where eligible customers can apply to enjoy a starter pack of $750 AWS Promotional Credits by just spending a minimum amount of $1 in a bill.

With this starter pack, businesses will then be able to get onboard our services to provide better user experience for their customers. As INFLUASIA’s business needs grow with AWS, they will further receive tiered promotional cloud credits of up to $83,500 over 12 months.


With our relationship over the years, Exabytes is not only a service provider but definitely a trusted partner who is able to recommend us with the best-suited solution and services our business needs as we grow.

We have seen undoubted results since day one with Exabytes and how Exabytes have solved our scalability and performance issues and on top of this bringing our cost down was a real amazing move. Now, not only our website visitors are happy, we are happy too!