How to Block Ads in Google Chrome: Best Tips & Extension


How to Block Ads in Google Chrome

Online advertisements are getting increasingly invasive and irritating. Depending on the browser used, there are certain things that can be done to stop them. There are several ways to block advertisement in chrome browser.

If one happens to be using the Chrome browser, one may actually fight back by installing the best ad blocker Chrome extension and disabling advertising and popups in Chrome.

In the United States and throughout the globe, Google Chrome makes up close to 50% of all browser usage. Google plans to make Google Adblock on Chrome available without an extension on February 15, 2018, to reduce spam and boost customer happiness.

Why does one want to block advertisement in Chrome?

Dealing with ads in browsers is necessary. This is how businesses advertise to consumers these days, and whether one likes it or not, it is part of the browser experience.

That being said, one can absolutely remove advertisements in Google Chrome and with Google Adblock and have a smoother, less unpleasant browsing experience.

Here are a few benefits people get with Google AdBlock

1# Protect privacy

Personal data is a valuable commodity in the digital world, and ads have gradually but steadily become the primary instrument for harvesting it.

Data-hungry advertisers want to know all they can about users so they can bombard them with customized ads and track the impact of the campaigns, which is why installing the best ad blocker is necessary.

2# Stop malware and phishing assaults with Google AdBlock

If the fact that advertising is bothersome isn’t reason enough to prevent them, consider this: they may infect the device with viruses, malware, or ransomware.

Utilizing the best ad blocker in Chrome is beneficial to prevent future problems.

3# Surf the web quicker while conserving battery life.

If one has ever tried to open a website filled with advertisements of various kinds and sizes, one knows it takes time to load.

The best ad blocker will halt ads in their tracks, allowing one to enjoy online sites faster, use less data, and conserve battery life on the device.

4 Tips to block advertisement in chrome settings

The first method involves utilizing the Chrome browser’s built-in settings, which allow one to block advertisement in Chrome.

1# Open Google Chrome

To block advertisement in Chrome, open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer. It may be found in the Applications folder on a Mac or the Start menu on Windows.

2# Open the Chrome Three Dot Menu.

Click the three-dot icon once the Chrome browser is launched. This symbol is positioned in the upper-right corner of the browser window, near the address bar.

This will bring up a dropdown menu. Locate and choose the “Settings” option from the dropdown menu.

3# Select Site Settings.

Now that there are more customization options available to block advertisement in Chrome, scroll down until you reach “Site Settings.”

This option may be found at the bottom of the main “Privacy & Security” tab set of choices.

4# Locate the Ads Section and the Change Blocked Sites feature

When one clicks on that box, a selection of further content setting choices will appear. The “Ads” option will be shown. When one sees it, one simply clicks on it to open it.

When that option appears, locate and click on the “Blocked on sites that provide invasive or deceptive advertisements” toggle button to enable it.

That’s all. One has successfully used the block advertisement in chrome option in the chrome browser.

Ads may also be blocked in Chrome using the Google AdBlock addon. This is how it is done.

How to Set Up Google AdBlock on a Desktop Chrome Browser

1# Open Google Chrome.

Open the Google Chrome web browser on the computer. It may be found in the Applications folder on a Mac or the Start menu on Windows.

2# Get the AdBlock Extension now.

Navigate to the AdBlock website. In Chrome’s address bar, type Click the “GET ADBLOCK NOW” button. This blue button is positioned in the page’s middle.

3# On the computer, launch the Google Chrome web browser.

To add the Google AdBlock extension to the Chrome browser, go to the extension website and click the “Add to Chrome” option.

AdBlock Google Extension

When the procedure is finished, the Google AdBlock extension will be automatically added and shown in your extensions section. On the top right of the Chrome browser, there is a small red stop sign with a hand in it.

Select settings/options from the drop-down menu after clicking on them.

Fill up the choices to block advertisement in Chrome’s settings as desired and save them. Chrome has begun to use Google AdBlock.

Best Ad Blockers (Adblock) Chrome Extension

Google Adblock is a browser extension that block advertisement in chrome. Ad-free pages provide an excellent user experience since one can read the content of the webpage without being distracted.

1# TotalAdblock


Total Adblock is a Google AdBlock that allows users to prevent pop-ups and other unwanted advertisements.

It makes browsing the internet faster. Third-party trackers can be prevented from tracking the actions using this best ad blocker.

Get extension from here: Google AdBlock

2# AdBlock

AdBlock is an AdBlock plugin that allows users to block advertisement in Chrome and video advertisements.

This Google AdBlock plugin can scan potentially dangerous internet links and keep you safe.

Get extension from here: Google AdBlock extension

3# AdGuard

AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard is a Chrome browser plugin that helps one defend against online phishing and tracking websites.

Get extension from here: AdGuard AdBlocker

4# AdBlock Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is the best ad blocker for Google Chrome that eliminates advertisements, malware, and tracking from the browser. It assists in avoiding phishing websites and domains.

Get extension from here: AdBlocker Ultimate

5# AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus - free ad blocker

AdBlock Plus is a Google Adblock that block advertisement in Chrome and prevents banners, videos, and pop-up ads.

Get extension from here: Adblock Plus – free ad blocker

These are the best tips and extensions to block advertisement in Chrome at any time. Both perform excellently; it is only an issue of how much total control one wants with Google AdBlock.

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