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How to Build A Website with Weebly

Nowadays, 1,027,422 live websites prefer Weebly as their content management system. As an all-in-one site builder, Weebly provides low prices for eCommerce enterprises and restaurants.

It’s simple to use, and it takes only a few minutes to establish a free small business website.

Create a Weebly website account first, then choose a theme, personalize the template, and build Weebly website.

When the website is finished, upgrade to an ad-free subscription plan and publish it on a custom company domain.

Follow below steps to know how to create a website using Weebly.

#1 To use the Weebly Website Builder, one must first create an account.

To test the Weebly website editor, explore its native features and applications, and construct a site, one may utilize the website builder for free.

If money is an issue and one do not intend to sell online, one can even publish the Weebly website for free.

To begin, go to The website may be created and published for no cost, so one have plenty of time to decide if one like using it.

To begin, click ‘Get Started,’ which may be found in the upper right corner or in the center of the page. To begin using Weebly, enter the user name, email address, and establish a new password.

After choosing ‘Sign Up,’ the user is sent to a screen with one question: ‘What type of website do you want to create?’

Square purchased Weebly in 2018, therefore the two are truly related companies. Square Online is completely focused on ecommerce, whereas Weebly is a basic builder.

2# Create or Select a Theme

Weebly themes

Weebly provides over 50 themes, all of which are completely free. There are several categories to select from, including ‘Business,’ ‘Portfolio,’ ‘Personal,’ ‘Blog,’ and others.

Weebly will then restrict the selections down to a smaller number of industry-specific templates once the user has sorted the library based on the type of Weebly website one is seeking to construct.

When exploring for Weebly themes, one can see how each one looks on a full screen by clicking the thumbnail. Then, the user can select the one they like and click “Start Editing” in the upper right corner.

3# Select a Domain

Before users begin website editing, they must first name the website. A domain name is the name of the website that appears in the website address. For instance,

A free domain may be obtained by selecting the Weebly subdomain. This implies that the website address will end with “,” which is not very appealing or professional, but it means that the Weebly website domain is free.

#4 Personalize the Template

Weebly includes two distinct but user-friendly editors. The Classic Editor (for personal websites) includes a drag-and-drop page builder for customizing and building the Weebly website.

Although the Square Online Editor isn’t drag-and-drop, it nevertheless offers a plethora of customization choices without allowing one too much leeway to muck up the appearance of the site.

  • Add Business Logo – Weebly will prompt one to submit a logo from your PC during the Square Editor onboarding process. If one don’t have a logo yet, one may skip this step and upload one later. 
  • Change the Color Scheme – To modify the color scheme of the website in the Square Editor, go to the Site Design option at the bottom of the left-side menu. Colors are pre-selected in the Classic Editor as part of the Weebly theme.
  • Change the Header and Footer – The site-wide header and footer are located at the very top and bottom of the website’s pages, respectively. The header contains the website’s logo and name, as well as the navigation bar and crucial elements such as the cart on an ecommerce site.

5# Add, Remove, and Edit Pages

customize website with Weebly drag and drop function

Customize the site’s pages next. To modify the Weebly website, one will need to not only update the pages that came with the Weebly theme, but one may also wish to add or delete pages.

Adding additional pages to the Weebly website is simple. Simply go to the menu’s Pages tab and click the plus symbol in the left-hand sidebar. A drop-down menu with several page types will display.

Remember to click ‘Done’ to preserve the settings for the new page. Once this is completed, return to the ‘Build’ menu option and modify the page as usual.

– Color Scheme Alteration

The color theme of the Weebly page may be changed by going to the Theme section of the dashboard. Some themes only provide bright or dark selections, while others include true color options.

– New Layouts

To truly customize the Weebly website, add additional sections to the pages one is updating. Aside from adding new items, one can also add new sections.

This element is located at the top of the left-hand sidebar, above all other components; simply drag it to the desired location on the page and release it.

– Apps

“Apps” is another option on the top Navigation Bar. This will take one to the Weebly App Center. It provides an application to assist in increasing the performance of any website.

It not only categorizes applications for sales, traffic, social, and Weebly-specific purposes, but it also suggests apps specifically for the website.

Launch the Weebly Website

Weebly website design

If users are satisfied with the work of the Weebly website, one may now publish it. If the user is not fully satisfied, they may return to the Weebly website editor after publishing to make modifications.

To make the website live, click the blue “Publish” button in the upper right corner. A popup will then appear informing one that it has been published and instructing one on how to incorporate a “pro tip.” Weebly is really interested in the site’s success.


Weebly is one of the market’s best all-in-one website builders. Its free plan includes excellent online selling capabilities. 

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