How to Connect EasyParcel to My Store?


How to Connect EasyParcel to My Store

EasyParcel provides easy-access solution for delivery service bookings. The platform allows you to book for delivery from multiple established courier companies in Malaysia and of course, at an affordable rate.

How to Connect EasyParcel to My Store?

Before started:

  • Make sure you have register to an Easy Parcel account.
  • This app only uses MYR for shipping calculation. Make sure you have added MYR as your currency.
  • This app calculates shipping rates based on product weight, so please be sure to set a weight for all of your products. How to Add a Product to My Store?

A Step-by-step Guide on Connecting EasyParcel to My Store?

  1. Log in your EasyParcel account > expand Integrations on the left and select Add New Store > EasyStore.


2. Now you’ll be directed to the bottom of the screen. Insert your Shop Name and Shop URL > press Submit.

Create store integration

3. Now you have the ID which is your API key to integrate EasyParcel account in your store.

Easy Parcel API key

4. Now, Login to Easy Store Admin Portal > Apps > More apps > search for “easyparcel” on our EasyStore app‘s search bar > found and install EasyParcel Malaysia app.

Search EasyParcel Malaysia app

5. Fill up the details under Setup.

  • API Key: your ID key from EasyParcel
  • Sender First and Last Name: your name as the parcel sender
  • Mobile Phone: your contact number
  • Company (Optional): your company or business name

Easy Parcel integration setup setting

6. Select your store location under Company information.

  • You can add store locations in Admin > Settings > Locations.
  • By setting Store Location will allow your customer come to your store to pickup their order.

Fill in store location

7. Pgeon self collect function allows your customers to have the option to self-collect their parcels at a Pgeon point.

Pgeon self collect widget

8. Enable EasyParcel rates at checkout

a) By enabling EasyParcel Ratethe available couriers in which EasyParcel supports will be listed down at the checkout shipping page. Customers can choose from the list according to their preferred courier and shipping rates. You do not need to set up shipping rates manually.

Enable Easy Parcel rate

b) You can add a surcharge to the rates e.g. fixed rate of handling fee or a percentage of the order as well as enabling free shipping when an order amount exceeded a threshold.

Set handling fee

c) You also can choose to show or hide international shipping rates.

Enable international shipping rates

9. Once everything is set. Next, click ‘Save’.

*Refer here to learn how to proceed with fulfilling order and send parcel using EasyParcel service.

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