How to make up a great brandable domain?


Exabytes Make Up Brandable Domain Tip

What is a Brandable Domain?

It usually refers to a non-keyword name with no specific descriptive meaning on the domain name.

A brandable name can imply to the product, but it is not supposed to spell it out intentionally or at least look overly keyword oriented.

What are the characteristics you should be concerned with, to make up a great brandable domain name?

1. It’s Relevant

You want your audience to know what you are selling from the domain name.

Thus, the domain name must be related to the product or service being sold by complementary or implied meaning.

2. It’s Unique

You want to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

A good domain name is able to differentiate you from the competition.

It is able to arouse one’s curiosity or have some unique personality.

3. It’s Credible

You want your brand to look professional and trustworthy.

Try to avoid words such as “best,” “top,” “honest” in the domain for better credibility to your customers.

4. It’s Memorable

You want your domain name to be easy to remember and recall. Getting a simple and easy to remember brand name is important.

Just like when we mention smartphones, the first brand name that comes to our mind will be Apple.

5. It’s User-friendly

You want your customers to be able to type your domain name without any confusion. A good domain name is easy to spell, contains no confusing words (think ‘eight’ vs. ‘ate’).

You also want to avoid using jargon and random abbreviations.

6. It’s Brief

It’s best if your domain name is made up of one or two words so that it’s easily remembered and typed out on the browsers.

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