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The year 2021 has seen significant changes in businesses. With the coronavirus outbreak, businesses across all sectors have to adapt quickly.  As working from home is becoming the new normal, most of us are moving online. As a result, it is high time for businesses to implement automation strategies for long-term business sustainability. 

What Exactly is Transactional Email?

Before we dig into the benefits of transactional email, let’s begin by answering a basic question. What is a transactional email? Transactional email aka ‘triggered email’ is a type of automated email between senders and recipients. It is different from a marketing email. Transactional email is triggered by events, interactions, or preferences instead of a company’s marketing campaign. 

For example, transactional email is used for:

  • Shipping confirmations
  • Order confirmations
  • Password reset
  • Approval for return of merchandise (or exchange)

Benefits of Transactional Email to Businesses

The benefits of transactional email to businesses are numerous. 

  1. Builds Customer Trust – Customers feel safe with a company that provides useful information at every step of a business transaction. Transactional email empowers the customer and alleviates questions and concerns. This results in confidence and trust for a company.
  2. Increases Customer Engagement – The customized one-on-one approach of transactional email makes customers feel special and it invites interaction. This interaction can lead to better survey participation or social media engagement.
  3. Additional Sales – When customers see photos and descriptions of their recent purchase alongside ads of similar or related products, it encourages the purchase of more goods. It reminds customers of something they wanted to buy but didn’t. Moreover, customers will feel encouraged to browse the company website/eCommerce store again and create a mental wish list for future purchases.   
  4. Brand Recognition – For new customers, seeing the brand elements only once (when they complete a transaction) does not enable them to remember the company in the future. Now imagine when an order confirmation arrives with a signature brand logo, followed by a shipping notice arriving later with the same logo, and lastly a warranty message with the same logo again, suddenly the customer can become very conscious of the brand and is likely to think of the brand when he or she decides to buy again in the future. Furthermore, the customer may even talk about the brand with his/her friends in discussions.  

How Can Exabytes Transactional Email Help Your Business?

With Exabytes Transactional Email you can programmatically send transactional email messages. You can create your content, email templates, and recipient lists. To create campaigns and templates, upload sending lists, and send email from one place, we have a comprehensive email solution that allows you to:

  • Build templates and content within the email editor
  • See what messages are being opened and clicked
  • Perform A/B testing on different message templates
  • Segment recipient lists to target specific customers
  • Schedule sending in advance 

Indeed, the most successful companies leverage both transactional and marketing emails. This means that transactional emails and marketing emails use the same branding, messaging, and voice. 

Learn how Exabytes Transactional Email can help get your messages across, no matter what kind of content you’re sending. 

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