Why Website Speed Matters & How Website Hosting Affects it


web hosting affected website speed

The functionality of your website is determined by its website speed and accessibility. Website speed is the measure of how quickly a web browser can request your site and load it.

Availability, which sometimes refers to uptime or dependability, is a measure of the time a website was fully operational and accessible to users.

Since it pleases users and helps websites perform better in search results, website speed is crucial.

When you’re online, you don’t want to wait around because nobody does. As it influences conversion rates and brand perception, website speed is important.

Therefore, when your website pages take too long to load, users give them less attention.

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Why does website speed matter for websites and how do you improve it?

It is human nature to regard a faster website as more reliable and professional.

A slow website speed, on the other hand, is mostly annoying for users. Most users leave right away and prefer to visit other, faster websites to meet their needs.

For some years now, website speed has been considered as an important aspect while determining rankings.

Additionally, its significance for your site’s SERP ranks is only increasing with each passing year.

Google released the Page Experience upgrade in the summer of 2021 to improve its algorithm.

The Page Experience report is a new Google report that displays data on all page experience metrics for the previous 90 days.

What is Website Speed?

website speed

The time it takes for a browser to receive the first byte from a web server or for all the material on a particular webpage to be displayed is known as website page speed (or, to put it in less technical terms, website speed is how long it takes for the browser to receive the first batch of information from the web hosting server).

The page performance is impacted by every component of the website, including the HTML code, CSS that styles the website parts, numerous JavaScript files, photos, videos, and other multimedia.

In truth, a variety of factors, including the size of an element (measured in kilobytes) and the speed of the web hosting server it is housed on, can impact how quickly webpage loads.

To increase website speed, people are switching to NVMe servers, which are built with NVME SSDs. NVME SSDs are faster than normal SSDs drive.

For more information about NVMe SSD Drive here.

Why is Website Speed Important?

Users place a high value on website speed performance since faster websites are more productive and provide a superior on-page user experience.

Over 25% of consumers will click away and select a new search result if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Smartphone users anticipate quick load times as well.

In some surveys, 73% of respondents said they had experienced a website that took a long time to load. The conversion rate is also impacted by website speed.

For instance, Walmart.com reported that its conversion rate improved by 2% for every additional second of website speed.

However, website speed is equally crucial for search engine optimization, although it may be less obvious (SEO).

Google revealed in 2010 that one of the ranking variables for their search index is website speed.

Google declared in 2017 that they are giving website speed even more thought and are taking into account mobile site performance when ranking websites on Google’s “mobile-first” pages, or pages that cater to rankings for mobile sites.

Most web hosting providers now offer high speed hosting solutions to fulfill this need.

How Web Hosting Affects Website Performance

website hosting

A web host is a company that provides the ability to upload your website to the internet.

Many businesses and individuals make the error of hastily selecting a web hosting company without taking into account how web hosting affects the functionality of their website.

Website speed connection with the web hosting

Ideally, when you browse, you are accessing distant files that are hosted on web servers.

The user will view the requested pages more quickly the quicker the remote hosting machine is. As a result, the web hosting provider or package you choose is crucial.

That is why people are choosing NVMe server hosting to get website speed.

Again, hundreds of interconnected programs must be executed by the web server in order for a single page to be shown.

These scripts require time to execute, which explains why some sites, depending on their hosts, take a long time to load.

It is also important to keep in mind that when a webpage loads, the web server must provide several files, including pictures, CSS, and JavaScript.

For instance, more than 350 queries must be made to the web servers just to load any website.

Amazingly, such a procedure may be completed in a matter of seconds with NVMe server.

How to Pick a Reputable Web Hosting

website hosting - host locally

To assist you in choosing the ideal one, consider these three crucial qualities:

  • Use NVMe SSDs instead of HDDs since they are speedier and more dependable than traditional hard disks.
  • Provide enough RAM: Around 2GB of RAM is sufficient for a simple, lightweight website, but more RAM is needed for dynamic websites.
  • Allocate high speed bandwidth: Your website speed will increase with more bandwidth.

Experts suggest selecting a dedicated hosting plan with an NVMe server or a virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the best choice if your website is creative and active.

These plans increase web hosting performance since you don’t have to share resources with other users on the same server.

When you are running a website, website speed matters. Based on your website speed, your conversion rate is reliable.

That’s why getting a good web hosting with NVMe servers is crucial.

When it comes to web hosting, the ideal web hosting would be one like Exabytes, which provides extras like a website builder, a domain-specific email address, and advice from experts.

Get Exabytes web hosting and be hosted on the fastest web hosting platform and create an online presence in order to be found by search engines.

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