Malware Attacks: Do You Need an Anti-Malware Solution?


Is anti-malware software necessary

Is Anti-Malware Software Necessary?

Cyber threats have become a challenge in IT infrastructure management, irrespective of the size of businesses.

Among the major cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses, one of the key issues the malware attacks.

The malware virus range is very wide, and the malware creators target distinct kinds of systems.

There are thousands of cyber-attacks happening on daily basis, and more often such cyber network challenges are about malware attacks leading to distinct other kinds of threats.

In addition to social engineering practices, the other major significant form that affects the information systems cybersecurity challenge is malware attacks.

The malware virus is about using the executable program wherein the hackers target the vulnerable systems or intended systems for malware attack and infuse the virus into the systems.

In the world of cyber crime, there are various ways of malware viruses like Trojans, spyware, worms, etc to attack the systems and their conditions.

Though there are other variations to the cybersecurity breach like phishing attacks, physical intrusions, identity theft, and other such categories, the malware virus into the systems is potential harm.

More often the role of the malware attacks is to support the cybercriminals in ransomware attacks or towards snooping the infected devices and relaying the sensitive information access from the computer to the creators.

There is a need for the systems to be secured from all kinds of malware virus attacks, and any kind of security breach with malware needs to be managed effectively.

Businesses or at the user level the need to focus on anti-malware solutions is imminent, and the businesses must ensure there is appropriate kind of systems in place for managing the resources.

malware virus attacks

The cyber threats of malware attacks on the systems are in various forms and sources.

For businesses to focus on their core work propositions, it is important to have some secured systems in place for securing the systems and data from malware viruses.

Thus, the need for a proper anti-malware system is essential for the business.

Some of the potential sources wherein the malware virus creators target the systems are systems with a lack of proper application and hardware level securities are prone to malware attacks.

Malware virus is linked to spam emails and targets the public, and in case of the emails are opened, the malware gets downloaded into the respective system.

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Web application firewalls are essential, and in the absence of such firewalls to protect the web systems, the malware virus creators shall target the web applications.

Also, any access to such unsecured web applications can lead to the devices getting infected.

Accessing the untrusted source of URL links or the vulnerable websites intendedly having malware virus infusions is a threat.

When the users click on such websites, there is the potential scope of malware viruses being downloaded to the systems.

External drives being used in the public domain are a potential source of malware attacks.

The malware virus often is not seen as a visible file, and when external drives like USBs are used for data transactions, the scope of such malware virus crawling into other systems is possible.

People are relying highly on smartphone devices and use smartphones as multi-purpose devices, having downloaded many mobile apps.

More often the mobile apps from untrusted sources work as potential carriers of malware viruses and launch malware attacks on the intruded devices.

Public WI-FI Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are generally not secured effectively, and in such networks, the anti-malware solutions are not managed properly, and such networks are potential grounds for the malware virus creators to target random user devices.

Unless it is robust and updated anti-malware solutions are used for securing the systems environment, data monitoring for security is a challenge.

In the current scenario, apps and software downloads are among the major avenues for malware virus creators to target the systems.

Unlike the conventional malware virus from the past, the new age malware virus targeted malware attacks are capable of more than corrupting the files or shutting down the devices.

The complete network can be compromised by the new age malware virus and such malware attacks on the system’s network can be brutal.

There are many instances of such malware attacks compromising and interrupting the systems performance and business continuity disruption significantly.

Few malware viruses are capable of hijacking even the secured information systems network if the cyber systems deployed for the purpose are not updated regularly.

Thus, the need for ensuring that the systems are highly secured for the anti-malware solutions has become a significant need for businesses to counter any kind of malware attacks, intending to harm the business systems and the end-user systems.

Conventional anti-malware systems depend on various signature styles of the malware virus for the detection of specific kinds of malware virus types and to prevent attacks.

But the new age anti-malware systems are generally non-signature-based anomalies, wherein the detection of anomalies that were not detected earlier as the labeled malware virus is possible.

Choosing the right kind of anti-malware software supports broader protection of the business in terms of monitoring the data transfers and the holistic screening and monitoring of the systems environment, to avoid any potential threats, and prevent malware attacks.

Usage of some generic kind of antivirus systems or applications for securing from malware attacks is not feasible, and there is a need for a trusted and premium range of anti-malware solutions for ensuring the security of information systems from malware viruses.

Malware attacks are a serious threat to business progress, and businesses could suffer issues of ransomware attacks or identity theft from the malware leading to financial transaction fraudulence, etc.

Specific to some set of industries, the issue of malware attacks can lead to violation of compliance practices too.

acronis cyber protection

Thus, the proper range of anti-malware solutions like Acronis Protection, must be used for securing the systems.

To know more about Acronis Cyber Protect solution and website security scanner – contact a professional from Exabytes Malaysia.

Acronis Protect Solution


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