LATEST NEWS Of Google’s Self-Driving Car


Have you heard of the Google’s Self-Driving Car? Well, according to Google, the project will come into fruition in 2020!


In fact, the testing of Google’s self-driving car started in 2009. Over the years, Google has been testing self-driving prototypes around its Silicon Valley headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Recently, the company has been expanding efforts to gather information on how the prototypes interact with traffic, road conditions and people. Just this week, a second specially equipped Lexus RX450h prototype was sent to Austin, Texas for further testing.

Feeling excited? But there might be a few things which you are not aware of the self-driving car. Check them out!

  • Google’s self-driving cars have already driven 1.7 million miles, and no accident was reported during the testing.
  • Google cars are capable of handling some real-world hazards, such as cars swerving in front of them.
  • Google does not want to build its own self-driving cars. They are expected to find a development and production partner.
  • The Texas Department of Transportation welcomes and supports Google’s autonomous vehicle test in Austin.

Some say don’t get excited too early. But according to reliable sources, we might have a chance to drive one sooner than we think! 🙂

Stay tuned.

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