Let’s Celebrate Earth Day Together!


Let’s Celebrate Earth Day Together!

Earth Day is around the corner, are you earth inhabitants prepared to show your love to mother earth this April 22? Today, Earth Day is a global yearly event that is held worldwide or at least in 175 countries to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.

Besides spreading the word and placing more emphasis on education about environment conservation, in fact, using the Internet to conduct personal financial and administrative matters, do online shopping and so forth can greatly help to save energy and world’s resources and contribute to efforts of saving the environment.

Thus give yourself a pat on the back whenever you are using the Internet to conduct various personal matters or even online shopping, which in turn leads to:

The online business, online administration, online procurement system, online education environment are known to save tons of papers. In addition, online books and magazines can help to cut down paper consumption and reduce chopping down trees.

The online environment does not consume electricity such as for physical shop operation, shop renovation, paper production, etc. As factory productions are cut down, consumption of electricity is also greatly reduced.

The online environment concept is much environmentally friendlier than people visiting the physical locations using cars, buses or even airplanes. This reduces CO2 gas released to the air and controls earth’s temperature.

The online world is an effective place to raise funds for conservation of environment. Through the Internet, donating to environmental causes has become speedier and more effective.

Last but not least, don’t forget to turn off your PCs or laptops or at least the monitors when they are not in use to save power.

Save energy, save the world!