Why Using a Chat Widget Is a Game-Changer for Your Website’s User Experience


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Have you’ve ever spotted those tiny chat bubbles in the bottom corner of a website? In fact, these unassuming chat widgets are quickly becoming a website essential. It might be high time you considered adding one to your own site.

We’re well aware of the important role websites play in a business’s journey to growth and success. They’re not just digital storefronts; they’re versatile tools that impact marketing, sales, and customer support.

As businesses strive for more powerful and feature-rich websites, the live chat widget, bolstered by a chatbot, emerges as the key to unlocking a whole new level of engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction.

Discover how this simple addition can redefine your website’s user experience and propel your business forward.


What is a Website Chatbot? 

A chatbot is a computer program designed to help people talk to businesses. When it’s put on a website, it lets visitors have a chat with the business just like they would with a person. 

This website chatbot can talk a lot like a human and have a back-and-forth conversation. Unlike live chat with real people, the chatbot knows how to answer questions all on its own.

Why use a chat widget?

In a recent survey, more than half of customers expressed a preference for chatting online with a company instead of using alternatives like email, phone support, or social media. The reason for this is that chat widgets provide a way for visitors to contact a company when they have a question and receive an immediate response.

Chat widgets can serve various purposes, all within one easy-to-access window. With a live chat widget, you can:

  • Enable visitors to quickly seek assistance across your entire website without having to search for contact information and wait for delayed replies.
  • Monitor customer activity on your site to promptly identify where customers encounter problems and offer proactive help.
  • Convert window shoppers into buyers by tracking common instances of website abandonment and providing incentives to make a purchase.
  • Display FAQs so that customers can find answers without leaving the page.


What are the benefits of a chat widget? 

Jasper Chat AI Powered

1. Make support easy and convenient

Chat widgets offer customers a way to connect with your support or sales team right from your website or mobile app. Unlike other customer support options, live chat support provides real-time interaction and spares customers from waiting in long phone queues or dealing with delayed email conversations.

2. Boost customer engagement

Adding a chat widget to your website allows you to proactively engage with customers. You can send a message based on their actions on your site, offering assistance to those who may be struggling with navigation. You can also use a chatbot to send personalized messages based on customer activity.

3. Reduce support requests with self-service

You can integrate your knowledge base and FAQs into your chat widget, enabling customers to find answers to common questions on their own, reducing the need to contact a support agent. This lowers the number of incoming support tickets, allowing your agents to focus on resolving more complex issues.

4. Increase efficiency

Live chat enables agents to handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Experienced agents can manage 4-6 chats at once, a feat not possible with phone support. Additionally, deploying a chatbot can address common queries and provide immediate responses, helping maintain a high First Response Rate even during peak times.

5. Cost-effective

By having agents handle multiple chats and using a single chatbot integration, you can avoid the need to hire additional agents to manage a growing volume of support requests. This cost-efficient approach results in faster issue resolution across the board without increasing your support expenses.

In summary, implementing a chat widget on your website offers numerous benefits without stretching your support budget.


Interesting Chatbot Statistics 

Although the hype around chatbots began to wane in 2019, the chatbot industry has experienced significant growth since the onset of the pandemic.

To adapt to changing circumstances, many traditional brick-and-mortar stores transitioned to online e-commerce platforms, presenting them with new challenges in customer service. In response, businesses willingly embraced chatbots to manage customer support interactions, enhance the overall customer experience, and reduce support expenses.

Chatbot trends indicate that online shoppers have become accustomed to interacting with chatbots in recent years and are increasingly open to engaging with them.

To illustrate the evolution of chatbot usage, we’ve gathered a selection of chatbot statistics. Let’s explore them.

⚡ Customer Preferences

Research indicates that customers have established their preferences when it comes to chatbots. They readily turn to chatbots for handling minor issues or when they’re in a hurry. Customers are generally content with receiving assistance from a chatbot as long as it delivers real-time responses and helps them promptly resolve their problems.

However, customers also expect brands to offer the option of connecting with a human representative when a problem becomes too complex for the chatbot to handle. Some key findings include:

  • 74% of internet users prefer using chatbots when seeking answers to simple questions (PSFK).
  • 62% of consumers would rather use a customer service bot than wait for human agents to respond to their requests (Tidio).
  • 65% of consumers feel comfortable addressing an issue without the need for a human agent’s involvement (Adweek).


Chatbot Technology

Younger generations, particularly Millennials, have shown a strong affinity for chatbot technology. Millennials prefer to address support issues independently, making chatbots an ideal solution. Data reveals that an increasing number of companies, including industry leaders like LinkedIn and Starbucks, are integrating intelligent assistants to manage customer interactions effectively. 

Some notable statistics include:

  • On average, a user sends four enquiries to a chatbot during a single chat session (ChatBot).
  • 60% of Millennials report using chatbots, with 70% of them expressing a positive experience (Forbes).
  • 57% of executives acknowledge that chatbots bring significant benefits (Chatbot).
  • Virtual customer assistants have enabled organizations to reduce call, chat, and email enquiries by as much as 70% (Gartner).


AI Trends on Chatbot (2023 Updates)

What are the current prominent developments in conversational AI, and how might they be advantageous for businesses?

🔔 The significant presence of GPT

From GPT-4 to ChatGPT, OpenAI’s intelligent bot technology is arguably the most significant AI trend of the year. 

🔔 The influence of conversational AI

This technology has democratized access to chatbots, reshaping public perceptions of AI. It has shifted people from initial skepticism to asking ChatGPT for answers to a wide range of questions. Additionally, GPT has found its place in business applications, including integration with messaging apps.

🔔 Chatbots are evolving into a commonplace business solution

An additional noteworthy AI trend for 2023 is the increasing standardization of chatbots across businesses, regardless of their size. As the technology has matured, it has become more attainable for smaller businesses and has gained greater acceptance and demand from customers.

🔔 Marketing is becoming more conversational

Chatbots have undoubtedly proven their worth in aiding customer care departments, but companies are now recognizing the added value of conversational technology throughout the entire customer journey.

In fact, conversational marketing, particularly in the context of lead generation, holds significant untapped potential. This potential is realized by fostering two-way conversations with customers.

Rather than solely pushing users to click on specific links or make particular product purchases, companies should empower them to initiate conversations and seek answers about the services that genuinely interest them. This approach not only cultivates more engaged customers but also leads to higher conversion rates. 


Why choose Freshchat – Live Chat for Customer Messaging

freshchat live chat widget

Use Freshchat for easy and quick communication with your website visitors. It helps you answer questions, provide support, and build better relationships with customers in real-time. 

Check out the benefits of using Freshchat in detail: 

#1 Tailor the widget to your brand

Customize the widget’s appearance to align with your brand’s identity and use language that resonates with your customers, enhancing the likelihood of engagement.

#2 Enable seamless, context-rich conversations

Utilize access to a visitor’s complete history to avoid redundant requests for information and pick up where previous interactions left off, creating a more personalized and efficient experience.

#3 Provide 24/7 support

Inform users when chat is unavailable with away messages, allowing them to contact you without expecting an immediate response, ensuring support accessibility around the clock.

#4 Offer on-hand FAQs

Allow visitors to access FAQs within the chat window, addressing common questions with concise responses and helping users find answers quickly, saving them time and effort.

#5 Initiate proactive notifications

Engage idle visitors by sending them targeted messages, increasing the chances of converting them through compelling and timely interactions.


In a Nutshell

The live chat widget isn’t just a trendy add-on; it’s a dynamic chat solution that can truly revolutionize your website’s user experience. By harnessing the power of a chatbot, you can transform visitor interactions, offering instant, personalized assistance that keeps your audience engaged and satisfied. From resolving queries to providing real-time support, this small but mighty chat widget can make a big impact on your website’s performance. 

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your online presence and connect with your audience in a whole new way. Incorporate the live chat widget today and witness the game-changing difference it can make for your business.

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