Maximizing Business Continuity in the year of 2022


Maximizing Business Continuity with VMware

These days with the advancement of technology, it is vital for enterprises to maintain business continuity to ensure their business is always running and operating.

Over the past decades, most of the organizations have focused on backup and disaster recovery to serve as the gateway to the cloud.

Nevertheless, in today’s digital world, it’s not just about backup and recovery, but ensuring the business is always up and running, fast in recovering on applications, data and workloads. 

The flexibility and agility of cloud makes it an optimal solution to maintain their business continuity. As the cloud is able to mitigate the risks of downtime which in turn ensures the business operations are continuous.

Plus, keeping the VMware technology stack as part of the cloud strategy can maximize the existing investments during digital transformation. 

Therefore, most of the enterprises have discovered that leveraging VMware across on-premise infrastructure and public cloud is the optimal path to maximize the business continuity effectively. 

How does VMware ensure business continuity? 

In this webinar, we are pleased to invite the International speaker from VMware to share with you the insight and information of how to maximize your business continuity! 

You will be taking away the importance of business continuity for your organizations and how VMware solutions ensure your business is always operating continuously. 

Event Details: 

Date:11 Jan 2022 

Time:2:00 PM – 4:00 PM



2:00PM to 2:10PM: Interactive Session

✅ 2:10PM to 2:25PM: Introduction to Exabytes VMware Cloud
by Arren Tan, Head of Enterprise, Exabytes

2.25pm – 2.55pm: Unlock Innovation with VMware
by Stephen Tukimin, Cloud Solution Architect, VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP)

2.55pm to 4.00pm: Networking Sessions 

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