Threads Instagram New Text-based App – Can Meta’ Threads Be Twitter’s Replacement?


Meta's Threads Launches

In a rapidly evolving social media landscape, competition among platforms is intensifying. The emergence of Meta’ Threads, a new text-based app poised to challenge Twitter’s dominance, marks an exciting development. 

Threads Instagram, launched on July 6, 2023, at 10 AM ET, witnessed an astounding response with over 30 million user sign-ups within the first 24 hours. The app was made available on both the iOS (App Store) and Android (Play Store) platforms.

As users seek fresh alternatives, Meta’ Threads aims to provide a unique experience tailored to text-based communication.

In this article, we will delve into the features and potential impact of Meta’ Threads as it enters the highly competitive realm of social media. Let’s take a look!

What is Meta’ Threads?

Meta’ Threads is a new text-based social media platform that offers users an alternative to image-centric platforms like Instagram, Twitter and video-focused platforms like TikTok. With its creation rooted in the vision of streamlined communication, Meta’ Threads seeks to provide a space where users can engage in concise and efficient conversations.

User Experience and Interface

Navigating Meta’ Threads is refreshingly simple. The user interface prioritizes intuitive design, allowing users to focus on content and conversations. Embracing the power of text, Meta’ Threads promotes clear and succinct communication while minimizing distractions.

How to create your Threads Account (iOS version)

Step 1 – Download the Threads app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). Follow the link here:

Step 2 – Open the Threads app after installation.

Step 3 – Tap “Sign in with Instagram” at the bottom.

Instagram Threads Meta

Step 4 – If you’re not already signed into the Instagram app, tap “Log in with Instagram” to log in to your Instagram account.

Step 5 – If you have multiple Instagram accounts, tap “Switch accounts” to select a different one. If your account isn’t listed, tap “Log in to another Instagram account” to log in.

Step 6 – Once logged in, you can:

  • Upload a profile picture by tapping the profile picture next to your name.
  • Write a bio for your profile by tapping “Bio” and entering your bio or importing it from Instagram.
  • Add links to your profile by tapping “Link” and entering a URL and title, or by importing them from Instagram.
  • View profiles to follow by tapping “Following” and selecting profiles to follow.
  • Import all the above information from your Instagram profile by tapping “Import from Instagram.”

Instagram Threads Meta

Step 7 – Tap “Continue” at the bottom.

Step 8 – Choose whether you want a public or private profile, then tap “Continue.”

Instagram Threads Meta

Step 9 – Review the terms and policies, then tap “Create profile” at the bottom.

Step 10 – You can select the same account that you follow on Instagram.

Instagram Threads Meta


The Key Features of Meta’ Threads

  1. Text Limit and Formatting Meta’s Threads adopts a character limit of up to 500 characters, allowing users to include URL links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. This design encourages concise and effective self-expression, leading to a higher signal-to-noise ratio and fostering more focused and meaningful discussions.
  2. Hashtags and Trending Topics Similar to Twitter, Meta’ Threads employs hashtags to facilitate discussions around specific topics. Users can explore trending topics and join relevant conversations, amplifying their reach and fostering community engagement.
  3. Thread Structure A standout feature of Meta’ Threads is its threaded conversation structure. Users can seamlessly create and follow threads, enabling coherent discussions and enhancing the overall organization of conversations.
  4. Retweet Equivalent Meta’ Threads provides a sharing feature akin to Twitter’s retweet. Users can easily amplify interesting posts within their network, allowing information to spread quickly and fostering engagement.
  5. Privacy Settings and User Control Recognizing the importance of privacy, Meta’ Threads offers robust privacy settings. Users can customize their profile visibility and control who can engage with their content, providing a greater sense of control over their online presence.

Differentiating Factors and Advantages

Meta’ Threads presents several advantages over its competitors:

  1. Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio The text-based format of Meta’ Threads encourages focused and meaningful conversations, reducing the noise associated with visual content prevalent on other platforms.
  2. Reduced Visual Clutter By eliminating visual distractions, Meta’ Threads creates a clean and uncluttered interface, allowing users to concentrate solely on the text-based content and discussions at hand.
  3. Enhanced Privacy Controls With an emphasis on privacy, Meta’ Threads offers users more granular control over their personal information and content visibility, ensuring a safer and more secure social media experience.
  4. Thread Organization The threaded conversation structure of Meta’ Threads facilitates clear organization and follow-up discussions, allowing users to engage in longer and more coherent conversations.


A Rival to Twitter? The Impact on the Social Media Landscape

Meta’ Threads has the potential to disrupt the social media landscape by providing a novel alternative to Twitter. This new platform opens doors for content creators, businesses, and public figures to explore text-based communication in a focused and engaging environment. While challenges may arise, Meta’ Threads brings fresh possibilities to the evolving realm of social media.

From my perspective, the robust growth observed in Threads since its inception can be attributed to its integration with Instagram, which facilitates the seamless posting of threaded content by users.

Instagram statistics and trends for 2023
Data collected from

The substantial worldwide reach of Instagram’s advertising audience, as evidenced by recent statistics indicating a minimum of 1.628 billion users in April 2023, has played a pivotal role in fostering Threads’ expansion. By capitalizing on this extensive user base, Threads has effectively harnessed a fertile environment for its growth and advancement.

To sum it up, Threads has made a remarkable start, attracting millions of users within a single day. Its similarity to Twitter can be seen as both an advantage and a drawback. On one hand, it offers a sense of familiarity, but on the other hand, it may limit its ability to distinguish itself.

However, with Meta’s extensive user base and the support of influential figures from different sectors, Threads holds the potential to become a formidable competitor to Twitter.


As social media platforms continue to evolve, Meta’ Threads enters the scene as a promising text-based app challenging the status quo. With its emphasis on streamlined communication, enhanced privacy, and threaded conversations, Meta’ Threads offers a unique experience for users seeking a departure from visual-centric platforms. 

As we look to the future of social media, Meta’ Threads signals a new era of text-based engagement and paves the way for innovative interactions online.

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