Why Register .MY Domain for Malaysia’s E-business is Important


Why register .my domain for your e business

There has been a drastic change in the technical world with the onset of the e-business era across the globe including the West and Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia.

The presence and effect of the Internet has catapulted the growth of e business to prosper in Malaysia.

Let us first understand what is e-business.

Electronic business (E Business) is any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing information across the internet.

It is a set of processes that are related to production, be it for the customer, for internal consumption, or for management purposes.

An e business activity includes exchange of products and services between businesses, groups, and individuals.

The e business industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy with no boundaries or restrictions on how and where it may be conducted.

It has been discovered that a large number of people have registered their domain with .COM.MY domain or .MY domain.

The registration of popular domains which have a .my domains is fast picking up pace in Malaysia with MYNIC playing a major role.

These localized or country level TLD (like .my and .com.my) .MY domains are useful and beneficial to many companies engaged in e business or ecommerce.

What is MYNIC?


MYNIC is an ICANN recognized .my domain registry (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

MYNIC provides Malaysian businesses and individuals with their own .MY domain brand identity.

The MYNIC Prime program promotes the digitalization of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia.

What Is the .MY Domain?

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is a domain name that is used to define a certain nation’s individualistic domain extension. 

Malaysia’s internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is .MY domain which can be used only by those present in Malaysia – be it individuals and organizations.

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How can you register the .MY Domain for Malaysia’s E-business?

It is feasible for Malaysian residents or businesses registered in Malaysia to login and register with MYNIC, or Malaysia Network Information Centre, the official .MY domain registration company.

Malaysia was given its own country code domain extension in 1987 with MYNIC Berhad, generally known as MYNIC being the authorized entity in charge of all .my domains as a registry.

To purchase a .my domain, one could login and register on MYNIC or even connect with leading domain registrars like Exabytes that would help you purchase your own .MY domain.

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.MY Domain for Malaysia’s E-business

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Not everyone may recognize the significance of owning a .MY domain name, but for ones closely associated with technical support and the business owners, registering a .MY domain name may be the first step toward success.

MYNIC manages the following domain name extensions:

  • .my
  • .com.my
  • .biz.my
  • .org.my
  • .net.my
  • .edu.my
  • .gov.my
  • .mil.my
  • .name.my

The.edu.my domain is designated for Malaysian educational organizations whereas Government agencies can use.gov.my and the military organizations use a .mil.my domain.

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How .my, .com.my, .biz.my, and .name.my domains help?

The .name.my lets you personalize your online presence with your own name, which is very useful for branding, whereas .com.my is primarily used by commercial e businesses organizations.

Malaysia’s national government urges MSMEs, SMES, enterprises and corporates who owns a business, large or small, to register a .biz.my domain because it stands out and the customers will recognize it as a business.

Important points to note while buying your .MY domain in Malaysia.

1. SEO is preferred (Search Engine Optimization)

domain keyword result in google serp

Having a local domain ID is advantageous for a good SEO. Nothing beats a dot COM. MY or .MY domains in Malaysia. 

Along with the purchase of good domain, it is essential to keep the SEO activities on to ensure that the website reaches the top of search engine when someone looks for a particular keyword. 

The next time someone searches for “Malaysia,” the .My domain website would first show up on the first page of Google search results.

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2. Short .MY Domain Name

Short domain names are recommended since they make it easier for visitors to remember the website.

It is therefore prudent to select the appropriate .my domain name that are often brief and easy to remember.

It is also simple for anyone to type!

Consider this: if someone is interested in your items and wants to learn more, but the .MY domain name is too difficult to remember – It will prompt them to stop typing and look for additional information about the website.

That is why a short .MY domain name that MYNIC and providers like Exabytes help register with.

3. .MY domain encourages business branding

.MY and .COM.MY Domains can be of immense help to a business in developing their online brand.

If a company is a pure play online store or an ecommerce entity, a .my domain would be its primary business address.

Online Shopping E Business

When offering a product or service in Malaysia, a .MY domain would be extremely useful and also critical for e business.

In addition to a .com domain, a company with a .MY domain would enjoy far greater brand recall value, trust and confidence of the local customer and user community than when they operate with a .com domain name.

4. .MY domain is a better option for Malaysian businesses

For enterprises engaged in an e business, a registration with the Malaysian government’s Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM is mandatory.

If a business has not registered yet, it can still do it retrospectively and enlist the company with SSM to undertake legitimate business in Malaysia.

Once the company creation procedures with SSM are completed, the business can go for any  any .COM.MY/.MY domain.

5. Boost client trust with .MY domain

shaking hand

Clients’ trust can only be gained when a Malaysian company is well established and properly incorporated with the SSM. Possessing a .MY or .COM.MY domain.

A corporation’s .my domain name improves the credibility and reliability factor when buyers in Malaysia examine company details and services online and also win consumer dependability and confidence at the time of business interaction.

Exabytes is one of the leading providers of Malaysian domain .MY Domain registration as a service with several benefits and offers.

With a .my domain being available for as low as RM89 per year, the time is right to register a .my domain name and gain Malaysia’s trust!

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