RE-EXAMINED! Myths & Trends of MOBILE Commerce. Verdicts Revealed at EEC 2016… (Part 1)


In the world filled of rapidly evolving technologies, businesses today are able to go beyond what they could only dreamt of in the last generation. In fact more individuals now have the opportunities to pursue their own business without having the need to spend a lot on office building, equipment or hiring employees.

E-Commerce has also taken over many conventional business models by transforming all day business routines into a fast-paced, simple yet low cost business operation that will benefit merchants and their customers tremendously.

And all these were the benefits eagerly expected by the participants of Exabytes E-Commerce Conference 2016! EEC 2016 Group Photo

Over 150 seats were fully booked long prior to the event by many eager learners (young entrepreneurs, aspiring online sellers etc) who aspire to make it BIG in the world of E-Commerce.

SIZZLING HOT TOPICS such as mobile commerce and how it will take over business in the near future are among what were brought up by the esteemed speakers during the conference.

Founder of SnapSell, Chris Chan got the ball rolling by sharing with us how mobile shopping has grown with expectation to double up in year 2018 with a WHOPPING 20% growth! Chris Chan - SnapSell - EEC 2016

She also shared some of her experience in managing her SnapSell business while at the same time revealed her valuable personal opinions on the current influence of mobile in transforming the E-Commerce industry into another different dimension, all in her sharing session “MOBILE COMMERCE” that covered why mobile commerce is absolutely in the trend right now:

#1 Mobile Is The “Thing” Now

Chris Chan shows how mobile is attached to our everyday lives as right now smartphones are available almost everywhere in the world. With that, the dumb phones have been phased out slowly.

The fact that mobile advertising revenue is increasing aggressively supports the fact that right many platforms have grown their users through mobile.

Due to that circumstance, mobile first media has now becoming more valuable and in-demand than your usual traditional media.

#2 Primary App Usage In Malaysia

Chris emphasized the primary use of apps among Malaysians these days: she found that Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are the 3 main apps being used mostly, with over 80% of the time spent on mobile.

#3 Mobile’s Taken Over Desktop

Carried on with her presentation, Chris revealed that starting 2016, mobile has been aggressively taking over the desktop with 71% of Malaysians currently on their smart phones at this moment searching for information.

#4 The Growth

In her years of experience working with her own E-Commerce business, Chris Chan spoke about how much the mobile commerce industry has grown from the past years.

Starting this year, everything will start to double up to the point where in 2018, the current 20% numbers will continue to grow even more.

More exciting details to be revealed…

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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