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Effective digital marketing tools

According to the Forbes Business Council – the most effective marketing strategy is to “keep it simple yet effective”. Its true!

There are marketing campaigns and online advertising models which do not cost millions, which are all about uncomplicated ideas which bring in results.

At Exabytes, we have employed some simple marketing techniques along with effective marketing tools which have helped us stay ahead of the curve. We present to you some of our tried and tested methods to help propel your business to the next level.

Recommended Online Marketing Tools

A collection of 5 tools can increase awareness about a brand, boost efficiency and achieve the desired results for an online business idea. These are: –

Email Marketing

Sending emails as a promotion and marketing activity enables businesses to stay in close contact of those who would like to read and hear from you, conduct surveys and opinion polls, share significant updates and milestones, publicize important company announcements, and educate readers about the business.

Besides the obvious advantages listed above, emails also help build stronger customer relationships, improve brand recognition, build excitement towards a mega launch, establish your online business and ecommerce platform as a thought leader to shape opinions and establish a form of credibility.

A well-planned email campaign helps curate some of the best personalized content. It is a good way of being on top of someone’s mind.

Email marketing is the mainstay of all promotional efforts any business could undertake.

Last, but not the least – email marketing is one of the most inexpensive and cheap marketing tools one can get. As a communication channel, it costs about RM 0.002 per month – an unbeatable price point.

Transactional Email

As the world embraces ecommerce, online business ideas and internet-based transactions, it is vital to have an email delivery service which has a powerful delivery platform and is also adaptable to the automation needs of a growing business.

Some examples of transactional emails are one-time passwords, account verifications, password resets, account reactivation, subscribe / unsubscribe functions, purchase receipts, alerts for significant and critical activities like credit card usage limit breach etc.

Transactional email services are hosted on a scalable infrastructure which can accommodate any sudden uptick in the number of mails going out or in an increase of the kind of transactions covered by emails.

A friendly user interface which helps monitor email delivery metrics and the content within each mail, coupled with the ability to produce bespoke features to cater to specific kinds of transactions gives a much better control over the entire processing and reporting function.

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SMS Marketing

The number of mobile service users is increasing exponentially every year across the globe. Studies point out that cell phone users routinely touch their mobile device 500 or more times in a day.

It means there are hundreds of opportunities daily where a user can see a marketing SMS.

Text messages are a very personal and informal medium of communication. It instantly opens chances of creating something exclusive for a specific target audience.

From special deals, to personalized messages including welcome messages, order confirmations, shipping updates, payment updates etc. can all be sent via text messages. They also become a part of the larger SMS Marketing initiative.

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Call Tracking

Call tracking enables businesses to use pay per call, pay per minute, or pay per lead business model and track phone call.

This allows for measuring performance-based advertising such as Google AdWords, SEO Services, Display and Electronic Direct Marketing, and supplying additional analytics.

Call tracking software providers often offer a specialised version of call tracking that uses a Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

This strategy is used in digital platforms like websites and landing pages, instead of using unique phone numbers. This facility assigns every marketing material its own tracking number.

Call tracking allows businesses to know their customers and understand their behaviour. Across all businesses – be it small business owners to large corporations, call tracking helps the firms understand and evaluate deeper into the customer insights to measure and improve your business’ success.

Call tracking technology is highly helpful in attributing phone calls to digital marketing efforts. This allows for measuring the effectiveness of online marketing efforts and effectiveness of campaigns published.

Customer service may be improved drastically with call tracking service as it provides for call back.

It also allows to gather feedback about the callers and employees, see calls in real time and gather all inputs essential for the reports.

Local Business Listing

Local business listing is an online mention of the name, address, phone number, or website for a local business. These listings appear in various local directories, websites or blogs, social media, or within apps.

Local business listing acts as search directory and enables local customers to search for any type of local business or service looked for.

Managing a business in local listing directories facilitates the process for your customers to find your business more easily. One can provide as many citations as possible.

Local business listings are constantly updated and managed to ensure the data present is real time. This listing management process is an essential process for ensuring the best possible quality of the local listing and managing the reputation and reviews.

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How implementing all these tools would help us execute a proper strategy?

  • Helps stay connected with all your customers
  • Supports to bring regular and new businesses to the organisation
  • Send personalised messages to all your customers and prospects using various marketing tools.
  • Keep your customers and prospects regularly updated with all developments, promotions, and alerts. Also send them greetings on their birthdays and various functions.
  • Contact your customers instantly with Call Tracking
  • Manage Your Online Reputation with updated local business listing. A bunch of good reviews on your listing can help you gather more sales.

With all services related to digital marketing under one roof, Exabytes will help you create your online marketing presence and expand your business.

Our marketing tools, products and services are regularly updated, and easily customizable to suit the business requirements.

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