Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing


When planning a digital marketing strategy, we often come across terms like ‘outbound marketing’ & ‘inbound marketing’. So what are they? 

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing can be described as “push” or “interruption” marketing which uses the sales technique of pushing out a message to a large number of people in an effort to make a sale.

Print advertisements, TV, radio, cold calling, direct mails and mass emails are considered Outbound Marketing. It’s a one-way conversation that typically focuses on the product and the reasons why the audience should buy it.

Outbound marketing is a marketing strategy used by most businesses.

What is Inbound Marketing?

While outbound marketing ‘pushes’ messages to a wide audience, inbound marketing does the opposite, hence it is also called ‘magnetic’ marketing.

Inbound marketing is a subtle, less salesy way to attract potential customers by providing them with relevant and useful information until they become customers and advocates.

Examples of inbound marketing include blogging, content marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and social media.

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing: Which is Better?

It all depends on the situation and the strategy you adopt. Instead of asking which is better, why not combine both?

Use outbound marketing to build awareness and brand exposure, reach potential clients and obtain short-term results. At the same time, use inbound marketing to achieve long-term results.

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Power of inbound marketing to drive sales

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