Part 1: Exabytes Bittersweet Journey Towards Achieving ISO 9001:2008 Web Hosting Provisioning


Good Day to our fellow blog readers!

As Exabytes was awarded the prestigious ISO (The International Organization for Standardization) Certification in November, in this blog post we will be sharing the experience, hard work and steps we have gone through in the process of obtaining ISO 9001:2008 Web Hosting Provisioning with our fellow blog followers who are thinking about getting ISO certified too for their companies or simply want to know more about the application process of ISO.

At Exabytes, it all started in early March, 2011 when the idea of getting certified was brought up and discussed several times. After some investigations into the idea, we decided to take the initiative to start getting ourselves prepared although then we didn’t have too much knowledge with regard to the requirements of ISO.

Exabees began by seeking every way to standardize, streamline and improve our various working procedures in client’s feedback handling, management, supplier selection, supplier performance, internal audit, control of records, corrective and preventive action, etc.

It took us 1-2 months to undergo serious self-evaluation and self-improvement on our system, before we were satisfied with the changes and improvements we had implemented. However, even after that, we were still unsure and wondering whether we had done enough and were well prepared for ISO.

Seeking to be more certain, by introduction we were approached by an ISO consultant who offered to help and gave us the necessary advice on working towards the application of ISO.

The helpful consultant set out to investigate every facet of Exabytes as well as every detailed working steps involved especially in Customer Service, Technical, Human Resource and Business Development department.

The investigation was completed in around one month, before we came to the moment of truth as to whether Exabytes needed major improvements and adjustments before we were able to be considered as ISO compliant.

To be Continued…..

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