The Most Secure Password Manager (For Windows & Mac Users)


Most Secure Password Manager (For Windows & Mac Users)

It may be simpler than you realize to remember all of your credentials for each of your accounts.

A solid password manager will maintain track of everything and serve as your first line of protection against being hacked. Creating a new password could be a difficult task.

It could be difficult to realize what to do. Should you use the name of your pet? Your best middle school teacher? A password manager can solve all these problems.

Whenever it comes to credentials, you can’t afford to be negligent. You need your data and private details to be safe.

This implies that using basic numerical sequences or your nickname as passwords is dangerous.

Even if it is simple to recall and use, it is risky. People attempting to steal your information are experts at cracking passwords, so you must be vigilant in safeguarding your accounts. This is when a password manager can come in handy for cyber security.

You should think about using a password manager unless you wish to keep a paper copy record of all the passwords on hand at all times.

It may let you manage and control all of your login information for just any online account while maintaining password security.

Password managers are also useful for auto-filling applications and synchronizing data between iPhones, Android phones, Windows and Macs, etc.

What exactly is a password manager, and why would you need one?

A password manager is simply a password-safe vault that saves password login details. This allows you to access applications and profiles on your smartphone, as well as sites and other services.

Password managers include a password generator to help you establish strong, unique passwords.

Almost 30% of the 15 billion passwords analyzed in study, comprised of eight-characters.

Check to see whether you’re using the exact password on various sites. With the continual news of data breaches and identity fraud, having a separate password for each place can help.

Password manager guarantees that your hijacked password cannot be used on another if one site is compromised.

You’re creating your security mechanisms by utilizing several passwords with the help of a password manager.

Furthermore, with a password manager, you are optional to remember all other details like mailing addresses and payment card numbers.

You may autofill a document or password field using only one complex password, a PIN, or your biometric. Some password managers provide data backup and a secured file vault as well.

Subscription options are also available with the best password manager selections, allowing you to sync your safe password login details across devices.

According to a study, 81% of company data breaches were caused by poor passwords.

You may share your password with trustworthy relatives and friends and gain access to safe online storage. Please keep in mind that the editors choose these password managers independently.

Here are some of the top password managers to explore:

Password manager Bitwarden


  • It is a safe, open-source, and transparent password manager
  • The free trial version is compatible with many devices and technology types.
  • Premium memberships begin at just $10 per year for the Bitwarden password manager.
  • Supported by Windows, Android, iPhone, macOS, Linux, and iPad. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and Tor browser extensions.

Due to its open-source heritage and unrivaled – and infinite – free version. It is one of the best password managers for windows.

With comparative security strength, this lightweight password manager program can produce, store, and auto-fill your credentials. Everywhere on all of your platforms and major browsers.

1Password Password Manager


  • Provides a free 14-day trial period.
  • Annual base price for this password manager: is $35.88
  • Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iPhone,macOS, and iPad support it. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera browser extensions are available.

If you’re seeking a reliable password manager to keep your user credentials safe, 1Password is the answer.

This password manager will help you access all your services and accounts with a singular master password.

It is compatible with most device platforms. There is no free version of this well-designed password manager. But still, you may try it out for fourteen days before joining.

Individual subscriptions for this password manager are $36 per year. This includes 1GB of document storage and optional 2-factor authentication for further protection.

You may use a travel mode to eliminate your 1Password-sensitive information from the device whenever you travel. When you return, just restore it with a single click so it is not subject to border inspections.


Keeper is among the strong password managers on the marketplace, with a slew of useful features.

It contains several features that are one-of-a-kind, such as KeeperChat. It is a secure password-managing messaging software that assures the security and privacy of all texts and media sent and received.

The keeper password manager comes with a slew of other safeguards, such as:

  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Password vault auditing.
  • TOTP, biometric, and USB 2FA compatibility.
  • Emergency access.
  • Secure password sharing.
  • Encrypted file storage (10-100 GB).

The keeper password manager also has a very effective dark web monitoring tool. This continuously monitors all user logins for symptoms of a security breach.

Keeper’s Mac program is exceedingly simple to use, intuitive, and effective. Keeper is one of the best password managers for Mac.  All login areas are immediately spotted and auto-filled, and developing and saving highly secure passwords is simple. The password manager app also supports touch ID for accessing your vault.


Dashlane password manager includes many well-designed and user-friendly features that Apple’s iCloud Keychain does not.

This features a built-in VPN and dark web surveillance. Dashlane has switched from desktop software to a web password manager app.

The new online app works with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and several other browsers. It simplifies all critical password manager operations, such as auto-save and auto-fill.

Dashlane password manager also includes a slew of other features, such as:

  • 2FA (two-factor authentication).
  • Password sharing is unrestricted.
  • VPN (a virtual private network).
  • Dark web surveillance.
  • Access in an emergency.


Still think you don’t need a password manager? Well, to know more about password managers and cybercrimes, click here: Stay Vigilant. Stay Protected with Exabytes.

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  • Phishing Attacks
  • Breach of Data
  • Website Vandalism
  • Ransomware

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