Ramadan 2019 Business Ideas That Will Bring You Cash


Ramadan Business Ideas That Will Bring You More Cash

Many are looking for ways to earn extra money during Ramadan or get some cool cash before Raya. It’s also a great time to start up a business during Ramadan there are many people are looking for product or services before Hari Raya.

Therefore, it is a good time to shout out your business, and in some cases gain more potential buyers.

Ramadan Business Ideas

What are buyers looking for during Ramadan?

There are many potential buyers searching for your services/products during this Ramadan Season. Let me share this statistic for you via Google Search Trend!

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Looking Products During Ramadan Season
Things that will do during ramadan
Terms searched during Ramadan month

Therefore, it is the perfect time to:

Start a Small Business. The timing couldn’t be more perfect!

During this Ramadan, there are many opportunities for you to earn money by starting a business or bring your existing business to another level of achievement.

Whether it’s a small or minor business, the opportunity is everywhere.

Ramadan Business Ideas

Business does not require much startup capital, you can turn your existing “Nenek Business” into cash, as long as someone is searching for the services and products.

1.Selling Kuih Raya or Fried Items

Ramadan filled with spicy and delicious food. If you are good at baking them, it’s the best opportunity to utilize your skills and sell delicious items like biscuits and sweet pastries. When it comes to the month of fasting, people like to have sweet cookies and fried food, so it’s quite a profitable business since it doesn’t require high investment.

2.Selling Clothes – Baju Raya

Selling clothes during the month of Ramadan can be easier compared to the normal days. As Raya is nearby, people are looking for new clothes and wish to have a fresh new look for the coming Raya. It can be a very profitable business if you are able to find a good provider at a good price.

For a clothing business, you can sell anything that will be worn by Muslims. For example, you can sell baju kurung, baju Melayu, and so on.

3.Beauty products

When it comes to Raya celebrations, there are many who want to be seen well-groomed during this big occasion. You may suggest them to buy a product that you are using, and you are able to get low price from your provider and earn the margin when you raise up the price. To be on the safer side, look for beauty products that have already been approved by the Ministry of Health & Pharmaceutical and are certified to be halal; especially when you are promoting to Muslim buyers.

4.Hamper Raya

When it comes to Raya, hamper is not something we’re unfamiliar with. Hamper Raya are widely sold at a fairly expensive price in the supermarket or shopping mall. All the items in the hamper can be at a cheaper price when we break it down. All you have to do is buy all these items and start to offer hamper services. You can also lower your cost if you can buy cakes and cookies from friends that are running baked goods business. 

5.Local Delivery Service

While many of us are more focused on operating the business during Ramadhan, have you ever thought of offering food delivery service at your local areas during this period? If you are interested, here is my idea for you. You can just create a service advertisement on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Then, get the local restaurants’ offer within your feasible area and start promoting. In this way, your delivery service can fulfil many Muslims as they may prefer to be at home while waiting for their food to be delivered.

Bring Your Business Ideas Online, Stand Out Amongst Others

Internet is a terrific platform for entrepreneurship. Anyone can start an online business, and all you need is a computer with Internet access. Starting up a business online is not as hard as you think. In fact, it is much easier and doable than a brick-and-mortar business.

Best of all, you can start without spending much money because there are so many free and affordable services available. Instead of paying high rentals and renovation before your business can kickstart, all you need now is just a Facebook profile/page and website (that looks more professional and able to serve the purpose you want). What you have to do is consistently promoting and driving in more customers to learn about your products and buy from you.

No budget for website design?

All you need is a Website Builder by Exabytes for less than RM 35/mo to own a website.

Promoting in your local and social media is FREE.

What you have to do is use your current Facebook profile/page and start promoting. The business opportunity is everywhere. Reference Exabytes Facebook Page

We encourage you to secure your business name by starting with a domain name. 

In this digital era, your Domain Name and your company brand can never be separated as they are always interrelated with each other.

Boost your sales using email marketing.

If you already have a domain name and website, it’s time to boost your sales by promoting to your existing clients using Email Marketing.

If you have more fascinating ideas, feel free to share them with us!
Cheers 🙂

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