69 Organic Keywords Ranked with a Single Blog Post Using SEO Content Strategy


oribionature SEO case study

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), getting a high ranking for many organic keywords can be difficult. But the Ori Bionature website accomplished this incredible mission. 

This is the inspiring story of how a single blog post boosted their website’s visibility and ranked for 69 organic keywords by using SEO content strategy.

Ori Bionature website interface

About Ori Bionature

Ori Bionature is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Private Labeling and Contract Manufacturing company, specializing in the health and cosmetic product for major Multi-Level Marketing firms across South East Asia and Asia.

Visit their website to learn more: https://oribionature.com/

Ori Bionature Challenges and Goals

Ori Bionature had long been striving to increase its online visibility and attract more organic traffic.

Aware of the power of SEO, they decided to embark on a comprehensive SEO content writing strategy, focusing on creating informative and engaging blog posts relevant to their industry.

Blog post interface
The blog post interface

The Blog Post

With extensive research and the expertise of Exabytes Digital SEO team, we have crafted a remarkable blog post titled “27 Malaysia Cosmetic Brands You Should Know.” 

The blog post showcases a compilation of Malaysia cosmetics websites. This allows readers to quickly scan through the content and easily access the information about Malaysia cosmetics brands they are interested to know.

Each cosmetics brand in the list is typically accompanied by a brief description or explanation to provide context and relevance.

Blog post interfacefacebook post on article posted

Articles shared on Facebook by Ori Bionature

Content Promotion and Outreach

Recognizing the importance of promotion, Ori Bionature went the extra mile to ensure their blog post received maximum exposure. They shared the article across their social media channels.

Visit Ori Bionature blog to learn more: https://oribionature.com/blog/

SEO Content Strategy Impact

The strategic combination of high-quality content and proactive social media sharing led to a significant boost in Ori Bionature organic visibility.

The blog post resonated with their target audience which included B2B and B2C clients, and search engines took notice. Within weeks of publication, their website witnessed a surge in organic traffic, and their keyword rankings started to climb steadily

As time progresses, the page’s organic traffic is consistently increasing due to its evergreen content.

GSC result

The blog post achieves 15.4k Clicks , 285k Impressions. 5.4% Average Click Through Rate in a year.

Backlink gained

Backlinks gained within a single blog post.

Remarkable Results

The true success of this SEO campaign emerged when Ori Bionature discovered that their blog post had successfully ranked for an impressive 69 organic keywords.

These keywords encompassed various aspects of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the health and cosmetic industry, from specific brand names to Malaysia cosmetic brand and local product Malaysia.

As a result, their website gained significant exposure, attracting a consistent flow of organic traffic and expanding their customer base to include both B2B and B2C segments.

ori bionature feature snippet for makeup to buy in malaysia
Ori Bionature feature snippet in listing view
Featured snippet Oribionature 1
Featured snippet Oribionature image view
Ori Bionature featured snippet
Ori Bionature featured snippet in People also ask section

Long-Term Benefits

The impact of this blog post extended beyond immediate gains. Ori Bionature’s improved visibility not only resulted in an increase in monthly organic traffic, consistently surpassing 2000 visits, but also enhanced brand recognition and credibility within the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sector of the beauty and skincare industry.


Ori Bionature’s inspiring SEO success story highlights the power of a well-crafted blog post combined with effective SEO content strategies.

By creating valuable content, optimizing it for search engines, and actively promoting it, they achieved an astonishing feat of ranking for 69 organic keywords in a single blog post.

This accomplishment not only increased their website’s organic traffic but also established their brand as an industry leader, opening doors to new opportunities and fueling their long-term success in the competitive world of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the health and cosmetic industry.

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