Showcase your BRAND with your domain!


Showcase your BRAND with your domain!

Your Domain Name and your company brand can never be separated as they are always interrelated with each other in this Internet era.

You need your company domain name for branding, and branding is part of the big marketing efforts that you can do for your business regardless of what you’re selling.

Owning a domain that represents your BRAND is a great investment in your business.

You might not have enough resources to build your website/ eCommerce store Today, but taking charge of your brand aka domain is a must!

Here is why.

Avoid Identity Theft and Loss

  1. Securing your domain name/online identity is like securing your company brand name, and preventing somebody from using it for some unethical activities.
  2. Grabbing your domain is also a great investment; save more when you get your domain as early as possible. Prevent somebody from grabbing it before you, and sell it back to you for a much higher price. Grab while you can.

Because you can Showcase Your Brand EVERYWHERE!

You might want to take advantage of this situation as your potential customers are everywhere in the online world.

They come from search engines, social media and even online advertisements, so investing in a domain name (and probably a simple website) will help your company to get recognized more easily especially if your domain name is easy to remember.

For example,,,

It’s highly recommended to look for the domain name that represents your business.

For example, if you are providing plumbing service, you can look for domain names that are related to your business, such as

Tips: Catchy domain names normally work better and get more attention immediately!

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Nowadays, there is no way you can create brand awareness without having your own domain name.

A domain name will help you to get your brands out there.

It’s extremely useful when your potential customers want to reach out to you, and start searching for your information and the products or services that you are offering through the Internet.

It is more effective and more targeted compared to spending tons of money on television and radio advertisements.  

The Importance of Branding

Branding is important. How do you make sure your customers will make repeat purchases and stick to you forever? Branding is the answer!

Scenario A
Steve who sells cakes without a brand, keeps promoting his business to his friends and customers.

The problem is, his customers may not remember him when they want to purchase next time.

Scenario B

John sells cakes at his own physical stall. Since the name of his stall is “John-Cheesy”, John grabs

He has also put in the same amount of effort to promote his cake business to his friends and customers.

When his customers need a cake for their children’s party in the future, they think of the name ‘John-Cheesy’ and is able to search for John’s business on the Internet.

John gets repeat customers. And as time goes, John’s customers will remember him more!

In a nutshell, no business can afford to overlook branding if they want to stand out from the crowd and stay in the market for a long time.

Branding ensures customer loyalty and increases your business competitiveness.

Perhaps you want to build your website at a later stage. But owning your BRAND should still be your priority.

A business brand domain is not expensive. Grab your domain Now! It’s the easiest and most inexpensive way to protect your BRAND.

Search your desire .MY Domain here to secure your brand name!