SME Data Recovery Plans: Save Your Data from Natural Disasters


SME data recovery plans - Save from natural disaster

The Need for a Natural Disaster Recovery Plan

A data disaster recovery plan is integral to the smooth functioning of SME businesses to reduce the impact of natural disasters and ensure better data and information protection.

Natural disasters of various forms and impacts affect the overall functioning, disrupting different processes involved in it.

Natural disaster recovery has become a necessity with the increase in the risks and challenges concerning data security, where various SME businesses have strengthened their data recovery plans.

Apt measures taken for enhanced protection and security of data ensure quality services and solutions to customers as per their needs and requirements.

Enterprise and SME businesses get affected drastically when a natural disaster comes up if there is no proper DRaaS plan suitable for business.

As each SME business varies from the other, it is important to have a unique recovery plan to strengthen the existing systems.

Natural disaster recovery such as Veeam and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery involves the process of data recovery and continuing business operations without causing much impact on the overall functioning.

The impact on the data center due to natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and so on results in the loss of important customer data.

The DRaaS plan for any kind of unpredictable natural disaster must be present in any SME business to take immediate action and ensure the business is functioning better.

As various kinds of natural disasters continue to happen, it is important to have natural disaster recovery preparedness to tackle any challenge.

Exabytes focuses on providing high-quality services and solutions concerning data protection through high-performance tools and techniques with the help of experts and professionals.

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Disaster Recovery Services

Why Do SMEs Need a Data Recovery Plan?

A disaster recovery plan has become mandatory for any SME to provide better immunity against natural disasters and other issues.

The risks involved in data loss due to natural disasters can be controlled to some extent with the help of effective DRaaS plans and techniques.

An SME disaster recovery plan can be implemented based on the nature and functioning of a particular business, where effective measures can be taken considering the severity of natural disasters.

A disaster recovery plan focused solely on the protection of the data of customers helps in the protection of existing data and also ensures the prevention or reduction of any future harm.

As natural disasters appear in any kind of circumstance, it is important to have a well-developed disaster recovery plan for enhanced recovery of lost data.

Even though various SME businesses give data protection importance, it can be seen that disaster recovery plans and processes are not effectively followed everywhere.

An effective DRaaS plans will help in incorporating new features and methods for the recovery of data in an effective manner.

As businesses face a lot of potential disasters every day, it is important to utilize SME disaster recovery plans that can help improve data storage and protection.

Disaster recovery services have an integral role in the overall business functioning, focusing on reducing risks and other issues.

Exabytes has an expert group of service providers who prioritize preventing future harm and providing adequate recovery measures to resolve existing issues due to unpredictable natural disasters.

The services provided to customers are high-quality, ensuring high-performance outputs that can improve the measures taken against reducing the impact of natural disasters

5 Steps to Protecting Your Data in the Event of a Natural Disaster

The different types of data shared by customers and used in the development process must be protected and recovered if lost due to natural disasters through effective disaster recovery services.

The protection provided to customers’ data encourages them to continue using the services, as data forms an integral part of any business.

Various organizations have put forward different methods concerning disaster recovery plans where specific methods are suggested for different natural disasters.

Having a proper disaster recovery plan based on business functions helps manage the overall process where flexible and customizable services can be provided to customers.

The following are important steps to save particular data from any kind of natural disaster:

1. Devise a plan

A disaster recovery plan requires an effective strategy like other business plans to carry out the development process orderly.

Depending on the situation, a plan needs to be devised to develop an apt recovery plan. 

Veeam DR plans action
Example of Veeam DR Plan

2. Use cloud storage

Using cloud services for effective backups helps protect data from natural disasters and a proper DRaaS plan.

It is one of the most effective methods which can be used to save your data from natural disasters.

3. Organize the data

Proper data collected from trusted sources needs to be organized and protected from data loss caused by natural disasters, which may happen at any time.

Data storage can be enhanced only through effective data organization for better disaster recovery plans.

4. Copies of important files are stored on different media types.

While the data is being obtained, it is important to make at least 3 copies, which must be saved in different media types to enhance the protection against natural disasters.

The measures taken concerning the disaster recovery plan need to be carried out effectively for better results.

5. Secondary market hardware

If quality secondary market products are used, effective backup can be done, which will help to protect different data sets in case of any natural disaster.

The process involved in a DRaaS plan must be important throughout the development for enhanced protection.

Quick Summary

  • The disaster recovery plans put forward by SME businesses help in forming a clear idea about the existing conditions in a particular business along with the measures that need to be taken.
  • Natural disasters, which can happen without any prior warning, need to be understood properly to add measures that can reduce their impact.

Exabytes offers services and solutions to any app and data where apt measures are taken based on the needs of customers and business functioning.

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