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What is SMS Blast?

A message blast, also known as an SMS blast, is a type of text marketing that allows you to reach thousands of people at once by sending out short messages with only a few clicks.

This bulk SMS marketing campaign is commonly used by eCommerce businesses, product websites, online stores, and even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

SMS marketing helps brands to stay connected with large audiences – it could be existing customers, leads, and prospects who are just interested in knowing more about their service and promotions.

One of the best benefits of bulk SMS marketing is its ability to connect with people at a personal level.

There are providers who offer SMS blast software as part of their larger web hosting services.

Some of the best SMS service providers offer message blast as one of the many features of text message marketing for small business.

The Categories of Bulk SMS Messages

1. Transactional Messages

A Transactional SMS is a text marketing function where a business engages with their audience to inform and update then about their purchase journey.

Most often, such a message blast includes common transactional SMS like order confirmations, welcome text messages, payment updates, shipping details etc.

2. Promotional SMSs

Every enterprise – be it an ecommerce business, a product website, even a text marketing service provider, look for ways to market their products and services.

Promotional SMS is a marketing activity which helps to connect with prospects and leads in a very direct and personal manner. 

SMS blast which has coupon codes and discounts targeted towards specific segments of an audience; a message blast announcing a new range of products which cater to a niche segment etc. have a better chance of being consumed and encourage audiences to make a purchase.

This is one of the many benefits of bulk SMS marketing made possible with a SMS blast software.

5 Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

1. Customizable Campaigns

SMS campaigns can be customized as per the target audience.

Bulk SMS marketing helps you create messages for everyone in your contact list or create sub-groups to send a SMS blast based on their preferences.

Curating personalized messages is of prime importance in text marketing.

This is especially true when running text message marketing for small business as their audience group is smaller but with more individual choices.

Consumers stay more engaged with an ecommerce business or any other service provider when text marketing campaigns are designed to cater to special interest groups than just a SMS blast or a generic Promotional SMS being sent.

2. Instant Impact

An email takes more time to be delivered and read. A SMS blast software helps to carry out a message blast instantly and is delivered within 7 to 10 seconds. A text message is also read faster.

The possible impact created by bulk SMS is a big boon while running text message marketing for small business.

Exabytes is one of the best SMS service provider with an easy to use interface and multiple reporting options to analyse the success of a SMS blast.

3. High Open Rate

For an ecommerce business and other traditional businesses – running a text message marketing is all about getting people to read about their services.

A text message sent as part of a text marketing campaign, often, has a better open rate as compared to an email.

In comparison to email marketing, SMS campaign has a 98% open rate. When compared to other communication channels, SMS text marketing is more effective, with much higher response rates than emails.

4. Impressive Conversion Rate

SMS comes with higher response rates as compared for email. 

SMS marketing has a response rate of 45% whereas email marketing has response of 6%. 

Most recipients respond to the SMS campaigns within minutes of the SMS blast.

However, using email marketing in the best way can help to increase customer retention.

For more information: The Latest Email Marketing Tips in 2022

5. Minimal Effort Required from Recipients

One of the benefits of bulk SMS marketing is the concise, easy to read messaging.

The 160-character length of a SMS ensures that text message marketing remains focused on creating the perfect short message to generate audience interest. 

Any SMS blast with a Promotional SMS created using humorous and interesting language is almost always successful.

A message blast comes with several benefits and if used correctly can prove wonders to the marketing efforts.

Exabytes SMS marketing tool is one of best SMS blast software that comes with some phenomenal tools and services to help you plan your campaigns well.

How to Make Your SMS Marketing Efforts a Success?

1. Offer incentives 

Send lucrative campaigns to engage prospects and customers by offering coupons or deals through texts for those who subscribe to your SMS business.

This helps with customers feeling they are prioritized and special.

2. Send short, sweet messages

Any text marketing activity is about engaging the recipient.

Sending short, crisp, yet sweet messages that are easy to understand, decode and connect to, help in increasing the success of a SMS blast.

Ensure the message is to-the-point and delivers high value so your audience is motivated to respond positively – be it a Promotional SMS or a Transactional SMS.

3. Have a clear call-to-action.

One of the benefits of bulk SMS marketing is the ability to drive the recipient’s actions.

A SMS blast with a witty message and a strongly articulated call-to-action generates a good lead pipeline for the sales team to work on.

4. Encourage your customers via texts

An intelligent use of text message marketing for small business could be encouraging customers to share a brand’s social media links to help promote the business.

Running a text marketing campaign with awards and prizes for generating interest via text messages sent using a SMS blast software is an easy way of generating interest in the social media handles. 

5. Create a sense of urgency

Using text marketing campaigns to promote time bound offers with an expiration date helps motivate customers to respond faster.

A message blast helps reach everyone in the marketing list quickly to maximise sales.

6. Send a text as a follow up to an email.

SMS blast is an effective way to follow up with customers after an email campaign to keep the interest alive. 

7. Personal touch to relationships

An important aspect of text marketing is to make people feel special.

Sending personalized messages via an SMS blast seeking opinions and suggestions from people on what they would like to read is one of the benefits of bulk SMS marketing.

Your audience helps you to create interesting content for them to read! 

In a Nutshell

Text marketing or SMS marketing is the most preferred way of communicating and helps businesses get the attention that’s needed, helps see engagement and get a response

The Exabytes SMS marketing tool, offers multiple benefits with a range of services and analytics.

Running a text message marketing for small business, sending out a SMS blast to audiences.

Engaging with prospects and leads via text marketing is made easy with the Exabytes bulk SMS marketing service.

Exabytes is one of the best SMS service provider in Malaysia offering the widest range of marketing services.

Try Exabytes text message marketing tool for small businesses, medium as well as large business.

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