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Success Stories: 303 Runcit

Business Digitalisation is no longer an option.

It’s now essential for every business in every industry to sustain and grow their business. In the new normal, traditional businesses are seriously impacted.

We are now adapting to the new norm; everything has gone Online, such as Online Transaction, Online Collaboration, Online Meeting, Online Education and more!

303Runcit – A traditional grocery store that started their business 30 years ago selling many different kinds of grocery products.

During these 30 years of time, they have successfully accumulated quite a number of loyal customers from their physical store.

Today, let us show you how a small grocery store (kedai runcit) took their business online and successfully sustain and even grow their business in this challenging time.

An Online Grocery Store That Can Sell All Over Malaysia!

groceries store in kepala batas

Tell Us about Your Business

I am Kee Keat, the founder of 303 Runcit. I started the business in a small town of Penang almost 30 years ago.

We sold many different kinds of products at our physical store, such as fresh chicken eggs, onion, garlic, cooking ingredients, pickled food like kampung salted fish and canned food like sardines, meatloaf and more.

Why did You Start Your Online Store?

We have a strong loyal customer base back then when we sold at our physical stall at a morning market in Kepala Batas.

Something bad happened without any warning (the COVID-19 pandemic), and we realized that we have to transform our business.

The best way? To create our own online store.

How was the outcome or result in terms of sales upon starting your online store?

Well, surprisingly, not only did our online store receive regular orders from our existing customers, new clients from KL, the Penang Island and more started to order from us.

I think that’s because we provide convenience to clients such as quick delivery services, quality products, reasonable prices, and more.

Was it hard to start an online store?

With Exabytes, it’s quite easy.

Not only was my online store ready in 3 days, but they also guided me on getting the best rates for product delivery, product photo shooting, and more.

Plus my online store came with a reliable payment gateway to receive payments online.

Do you think businesses with a physical store should start an online store?

Yes, we are living in this cutting edge era, and as a businessman, we have to be open to new ideas.

I think we should not limit ourself when there is a golden opportunity for us to transform our business.

An online store breaks the physical barrier.

With an online store, now we no longer depend on foot traffic. Orders can come at any time of the day, even during the midnight.

303 runcit website

The Bottom Line

In short, starting Business Digitalisation is a must now for every business in every industry.

More and more Malaysians have started practising cashless payment (Credit Cards, Online Banking and also e-Wallet ) to buy their daily products or order food Online.

If your business is still operating from a traditional physical store, it’s time to reconsider your business model and strategy to cope with the new era – The New Normal.

Once again, many thanks to Mr Kee Keat, the founder of 303 Runcit for his valuable time sharing with us his story, which gives another strong assurance to those who are still considering to transform their business to Online.