Success Stories : Dwebly



Dwebly, an all-in-one e-commerce solution provider, designs and develops software systems, websites and mobile apps to help SMEs digitize and market their products and services. Exabytes is proud to be part of the growth journey of Dwebly, providing a reliable dedicated server hosting experience backed by 24/7 professional technical support.

Tell Us About Your Business, Dwebly.

Dwebly provides all-in-one e-commerce solutions specially designed for SMEs to build custom and quality websites speedily with the help of a great user-friendly interface. Since our establishment in 2016, the company has collaborated with numerous expert developers to offer all-in-one solutions for software development and digital marketing.

With years of experience, Dwebly knows precisely how to digitize and market the products and services for our customers. Today, we design and develop software systems, websites, mobile apps, branding and marketing for over 50 clients. 

What plan did you choose and Why?

We chose the All-In-1 Digital Solutions of Exabytes’ Sama Sama Digital campaign. To be specific, we chose Package I: Instant Dedicated Server Pro. We want our website to be capable of handling heavy traffic and deliver maximum website performance at the same time.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during MCO? 

The biggest challenge we faced during the MCO was the loss of customers due to COVID-19. During the challenging time, we had a lot of projects to work on, and the cost of the projects became very high. Because of the MCO, we had to cancel most of the projects as the company needed to get prepared for the pandemic. We wanted to meet our clients to have face-to-face discussion and proposed several ideas in detail to gain their trust. But because of the MCO, we had to do everything online, making it difficult to close certain deals, especially for more significant projects.

That is why we came up with the new idea to create a platform and offer our services at a much affordable rate so that we can help more SMEs to go digital. And to provide an excellent service, we needed a better-dedicated server hosting capable of serving our website visitors and our client’s websites at blazingly fast speed coupled with maximum uptime. This would increase the customer’s browsing experience.

How Exabytes services help your business grow?

Since we started using dedicated server hosting of Exabytes, we are able to host more websites for our clients and provide the best website experience. We now have new clients that are interested in our services and trust in our company’s capabilities. We managed to turn the table when our sales grew more than 80% since we signed up for the #SamaSamaDigital Campaign. Now, we can cover up for our loss since the MCO started.

How was the response after you joined #SamaSamaDigital?

I am delighted with the services offered by Exabytes. They have a professional IT support team working around the clock, even during public holidays, Their response is swift. For me, that is an advantage.

#SamaSamaDigital has helped us achieve our primary goal, which is to help other businesses go online. Now, we can move forward with a powerful dedicated server that can host more than 100 websites. Choosing a reliable hosting provider such as Exabytes guarantees maximum uptime for our clients’ websites.

We are pleased with the server hosting experience because we now have a more reliable platform to host and manage our business. I appreciate the effort of Ekuinas and Exabytes in introducing this campaign, which has helped a lot of Bumiputera SME owners who suffered from the economic effects of COVID-19.

How did you get to know Exabytes?

We got to know about Exabytes through #SamaSamaDigital Campaign. I was looking for an affordable server hosting cost around RM2000/months as we needed to host many websites.

The next thing we know, Exabytes launched the #SamaSamaDigital Campaign, which offered us a subsidy from Ekuinas and Exabytes. From there, we enjoy better quality services at a lower price.

The less money we spend on server hosting, the more improvement we can make for our system and help more SMEs out there to create their e-commerce presence. This campaign is a lifesaver for our company to sustain our business during this pandemic. 

Would you recommend the Exabytes #SamaSamaDigital Program to your friends and family?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Bumiputera SME business owners out there to grab this lifetime opportunity. Nowadays, businesses need to go digital to sustain and survive. Increasing digital presence is vital to building awareness among potential customers.

The #SamaSamaDigital Program is perfect for businesses to increase online presence, get more sales leads, boost revenue, and stay sustainable and competitive. 

The Bottom Line

Bravo, Dwebly! It’s a joy to see you sail through the coronavirus pandemic and make good progress every day! Instead of being passive, Dwebly acted fast for a change and has since become more sustainable and competitive. We hope the story of Dwebly can be an inspiration for all businesses in Malaysia!