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Introduce your business and tell us your story: What kind of business do you run?

Eat Cake Today is an online portal that offers a wide repertoire of quality, premium cakes delivered from bakers to consumers conveniently.

We host more than 40 bakers, with notable names like Baker’s Art, Cat & The Fiddle, Ennoble, Huckleberry, Little Tee Cakes, Tedboy, and etc.

All parties involved — from customer services, bakers to delivery staffs are connected to Eat Cake Today’s system on their smartphone to facilitate and streamline the A-Z cake order process to ensure customers receive their cakes efficiently and in a timely manner.

Plus, one of the main things that made our business stand out is we provide same-day delivery, promising a swift delivery time of just 4 hours!

eatcaketoday team

Where are you headed as a business?

For now, we delivery to areas in Klang Valley and Selangor. Therefore, our aim is to head for expansion throughout Malaysia!

What convinced you to try our products/ service?

We host our website with Exabytes and even secured multiple domains with them!

All we can say is their pricing is truly competitive. Plus, they provide great support for their customers!

How have you benefited from using our products/ service?

We host our e-Commerce website at Exabytes where it maintains a high quality of service and with very low downtime.

That keeps our customers browsing experience positive!

eatcaketoday cake products

What would you tell other people who were thinking of starting their business journey online?

First, try things out on a small scale to experience how it is like to run an online business.

Because, having an idea to operate an online business and actually running it could be different.

Operating an online business is much more complex than maintaining just a Facebook page.

Just because a product or strategy has worked for one company doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Have a healthy degree of scepticism about what you read and see successful elsewhere.

Therefore, if you can test your product using minimum financial and resource risk, then do so!

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