Success Stories: LLORA Bath & Body – Artisanal Bath and Body Care Products


how an online store has helped LLORA

Success stories we’ve received and here’s a success story from LLORA Bath & Body, a local producer of bath and body care products.

We had a relaxing chat with its General Manager, Ms. Adrina Suhaidi, where she shared her thoughts and feedbacks on how the business is doing after they’ve decided to digitalize their business by joining Exabytes’ #SamaSamaDigital program.

Can you please share with us some details on the business nature of LLORA?

LLORA produces artisanal bath and body care products that are made from pure essential oil and plant extracts. Our products are all halal, using natural ingredients, Paraben-free. SLS-free, cruel-free and suitable for sensitive skin types.

We believe in an exciting journey to protecting our skin and ensuring that they are healthy. As such, our mission is to produce unique handmade skincare products that are made with high quality ingredients.

From lip balms to body scrubs, lotions, hair care oils, hand sanitizers to aromatherapy massage oils, whether it is a request for 30 people, or a thousand, we are able to cater to event requests & gift sets.

We can cater gifts packed with our products for events including corporate events, weddings, reunions, birthdays & more. Adhesive labels with personalised messages or logos are customised upon request.

Photos by LLORA

Which package did you choose from Exabytes’ #SamaSamaDigital program?

We chose the All-In-1 Ecommerce Solutions to build an online store for LLORA. This package includes hosting and domain that was all very well-managed by the team from Exabytes.

LLORA online store is equipped with a payment gateway that accepts all methods of payment, as well as a reliable logistic partner for the convenience of our customers when making payment, and for us to arrange our shipments.

With Exabytes and Ekuinas’ subsidy, we only had to pay a mere RM199 to have our online store built. This is a golden opportunity for us.

With the current pandemic still ongoing, businesses are encouraged to go online, hence we decided to grab this opportunity to build an online store of our own. We are very blessed that our online store has led us to an increase of 40% in our sales.

What was your biggest challenge during MCO?

Our biggest challenge was the deterioration in our monthly sales figure. Many of our customers are forced to cancel their orders, and we also faced some issues in shipping our products to Sabah & Sarawak. These have caused our monthly sales to drop.

How did Exabytes’ service help your business to grow?

Exabytes built our e-commerce website for us, with a complete payment gateway that accepts all payment methods, and linked us with a logistic partner, which is EasyParcel. Through EasyParcel, we are able to track our shipments. With the above set up, each and every one of our transactions can be completed easily which saves us a lot of time.

We no longer need to handle late night orders through Whatsapp, or wait for customers’ payment receipt for us to proceed with every order. All we do now is process our orders through our newly built online store.

We also noticed that we are now getting higher quality customers on our online store. Prior to this, we were using social media platforms to promote our business, and we find that we get more enquiries than actually transactions.

Requests for item changes by customers had to be handled manually before we got our online store. This had caused a lot of delays in our workflow, with more manpower needed, and because of the long process, it took us more time to get sales.

We chose to switch to an ecommerce platform to ease our customers’ order flow. They can now access information on each of our products easily and this will also speed up their decision making and purchase transactions.

LLORA website screenshot
Screenshot from LLORA online store

What are your thoughts after joining #SamaSamaDigital?

#SamaSamaDigital has helped us increase the number of sales. After taking the step to build an online store for LLORA, the number of our new customers increased as much as 40%.

Our monthly sales increased too, and we have gained more customer trust in shopping with us, buying LLORA.

How did you hear about Exabytes?

We got to know about Exabytes through the #SamaSamaDigital program that was advertised on Facebook.

Through this campaign, we got to know of more services that Exabytes offer, such as Ecommerce Web Design which is suitable for businesses who are looking to start an online store for their business.

The price we got through the #SamaSamaDigital campaign is amazingly low. It is such a grab and we would have definitely regretted it if we missed this chance.

Would you recommend #SamaSamaDigital / Exabytes to your family and friends?

Yes, we will definitely recommend this program to all small and medium business owners who would like to increase their sales amount. We understand the situation of businesses at this difficult time like ours.

We do not have much budget to upgrade our business, hence we are very thankful for this #SamaSamaDigital program. With the subsidy given, we do not need to come out with a huge modal to build a website of our own.

With an affordable annual plan, we now have a well-equipped online store. For traders out there who wants to go further in the digital world, we recommend you the #SamaSamaDigital program.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to LLORA sharing your success story as a reference for the rest of us. Exabytes is very pleased to be able to help SMEs out there to digitize your business through our products and services.

We wish LLORA all the best, and we anticipate your growth in the coming years.