Success Stories: Odamakan



Odamakan, a food delivery service provider, connects restaurant operators, stall operators and home-based food entrepreneurs with customers looking for food to be delivered to their doorstep.

While the MCO was a challenging time for many businesses, Odamakan’s customer database was growing exponentially. Exabytes is proud to be part of the journey of Odamakan, fulfilling their server needs and providing technical support and technical consultation.

Tell Us About Your Business, Odamakan.

Odamakan was established in October 2019 to provide food delivery service to our customers’ doorstep. Our vendors are restaurant operators, stall operators and also home-based food entrepreneurs. We are an online marketplace that offers an extensive range of food varieties. Our delivery services cover the following towns:

1. Kota Bharu
2. Pasir Mas
3. Machang
4. Tanah Merah
5. Kuala Krai
6. Ketereh
7. Gua Musang
8. Jerteh
9. Kuala Terengganu
10. Kuantan
11. Cameron Highland
12. Semenyih
13. Manjung
14. Gerik
15. Alor Setar
16. Langkawi


Today, the service of Odamakan spans across 20% of Malaysia and we are looking forward to satisfying all customer needs and expectations! We believe that our services can well complement our partners and at the same time improve customer satisfaction.

Why did you choose Exabytes as your hosting provider?

We think Exabytes is the hosting provider we can count on in terms of services and after-sales support. With Exabytes, we no longer need to wait for 24 hours to use the server after we signed up for a server plan. With lightning-speed service activation, we can offer a better delivery solution to our customers. Moreover, Exabytes Server plans are affordable and come with unmetered bandwidth.

In short, the main reasons we choose Exabytes are reliable services, excellent before and after-sales services coupled with affordable prices.

What do you think about Exabytes Server Performance?

As mentioned earlier, they provide great server performance and unmetered bandwidth. Our database was growing rapidly day by day, especially during the MCO period, and we’re glad to have found out that their server performance was still exceptional 24/7 with zero downtime.

What are your comments about Exabytes Support/Technical Team?

We think the team is very responsive and helpful when it comes to before and after-sales support. We are able to reach the Exabytes technical team anytime via Hotline, WhatsApp and email. The support is excellent. Thumbs up for the Exabytes support team. Keep it up!

Is there any collaboration between Exabytes & Odamakan?

Yes. During MCO, we were invited by Exabytes to do cross-platform marketing. Our aim is to help all Malaysians get their food without leaving their house. We created the voucher code: ODAEXA (Odamakan & Exabytes), where all customers can enjoy up to 10% discount when they order from us. This promotion is still available today!

We hope our service can help get our customers the food they want, and at the same time, help the food vendor to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are there other reasons you recommend Exabytes?

Yes. Not only does Exabytes provide us with a hosting solution, they understand our needs to keep learning and expand our business. We have been invited to join various webinars on the subject of business sustainability organized by Exabytes. The sharing sessions conducted by experienced panel speakers were truly fruitful. The highly experienced gurus welcome us as a newcomer with open arms and provide countless insightful sharing and tips.

The Bottom Line

As part of the Exabytes team, we were so proud when Odamakan lavished our team with great praise. We will continue to improve and serve every customer better. Also, I would like to say thank you on behalf of the entire Exabytes team to you, Ezreen, and your team for taking out valuable time to share your story with us and helping us create a testimonial video.