Songket Republik’s Growth After Taking Their Business Online – Success Stories


Songket Republik from brick and mortar to an online store

Success stories are one of our motivations. A success story from Songket Republik, a local songket supplier that aims to transform their brick and mortar store to an online store through Exabytes’ #SamaSamaDigital campaign.

As they get online through this campaign, Exabytes helped Songket Republik in building an online store, as well as providing SEO services for the business’ digital marketing. Exabytes’ is very pleased to be a part of Songket Republik’s digital transformation and its results seen thus far.

Can you please share with us some details on the business nature of Songket Republik?

Songket Republik is a registered brand under Songket World Sdn Bhd. We are a manufacturer of Songket Tenun for the markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei. To date, we have released over 100 types of Songket and Sampin.

Songket Republik have gained trust of various formal bodies, such as schools, corporate companies and offices, where we supply Songket and Sampin as their formal attire. We promise to do our best in fulfilling all orders according to the promised time.


  • Our company strives to supply sufficient Songket for the Malaysian market and Southeast Asian countries.
  • We are committed to supply quality Songket products according to our customers’ budgets.


  • Our vision is to become the largest Songket producer in Malaysia and re-elevate the patterns of Malaysian woven Songket in the international stage.
  • This vision can be achieved through improving the quality of our Songket designs and fabrics in order to compete with the quality of world famous brands.

Which package did you choose from Exabytes’ #SamaSamaDigital program?

We chose the All-In-1 Digital Solutions from #SamaSamaDigital program, mainly focusing on SEO. We wanted our brand to be better known and reach more people online.

Through the #SamaSamaDigital progarm, we have built our own online store. To ensure our online store is well known, we chose SEO services from Exabytes to increase the ranking of our online store on Google search site.

What was your biggest challenge during MCO?

Since the government imposed the movement control order in March, we have lost many customers. We had to temporarily close our store to comply with the country’s MCO SOPs, which resulted in a decline in our sales in the months after.

For business continuity, we decided to digitise our business through Exabytes’ #SamaSamaDigital program. There are a variety of packages offered by Exabytes, you just have to choose the ones that are suitable for your business.

In addition, with the help of subsidies from MDEC and Ekuinas of up to RM10,000, we are more confident in our decision to go digital.

How did Exabytes’ service help your business to grow?

We were looking for opportunities to introduce our physical store business to the online world. Through #SamaSamaDigital, we managed to achieve our dreams at an affordable price.

Exabytes handled the construction of our online store right from the beginning till the day we went live. With their expertise and professional services, they also manage SEO strategies for our website, analysing keywords to increase our website’s ranking on google pages. 

As you may know, SEO is free and it’s suitable for long-term marketing, suitable for all types of businesses. Given the current uncertainties, it is best to be assured that all our plans and implementation will contribute towards the sustainability of our business.

You do not need to worry if you’re not proficient in technology, the experts from Exabytes will be able to help you from A-Z. A tip to take on is to be ever-ready to learn new knowledge if you want to enter the digital world.

What are your thoughts after joining #SamaSamaDigital?

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Exabytes. After joining the program, Songket Republik’s sales activity increased by 40%, as well as the number of our new customers.

We started to receive requests from customers even during RMCO. This is a proven fact that the move to take our business online has brought us forward and saved us.

With an online store, our operation process has also gotten simpler. We no longer need to communicate every transaction through Whatsapp, or wait for our customers to send us their payment receipt.

Our online store can now manage and arrange everything with a payment gateway that accepts all payment methods. Things have been made much easier and convenient now.

As our online store has been set up, we can now focus on marketing our online store to attract new customers, as well as our regular customers. SEO optimization is the right choice for us to market our online store at no cost.

How did you hear about Exabytes?

To be honest, in times of uncertain economic situations, we are looking for a grant that we can use to help save our business. Through #SamaSamaDigital, we entrepreneurs can apply for grants and subsidies for us to upgrade our business.

Would you recommend #SamaSamaDigital / Exabytes to your family and friends?

Yes, I have recommended the #SamaSamaDigital program to my other business partners. To me, this program helps small and medium traders to bring our physical businesses to the online world.

This will help our business to get more awareness. In this day and time, if we do not follow the passage of time, we will be far behind. Hence, I would like to share this out to all SMEs to participate in this #SamaSamaDigital program and digitise your business.


Exabytes is very pleased with the achievements of Songket Republik. They are a good example for businesses out there who want to digitise their business. We wish Songket Republik all the very best and may their business continue to be successful.