Success Stories: The Pin System Made The Impossible Possible


Success Stories: The PIN System made the impossible possible

As a digital company ourself, we love to hear success stories of other companies who are advancing their businesses and growing digitally. Exabytes is pleased to have the honour to work with Blueocean Technologies, the company who developed PIN System back in 2007 for advertising agencies across Asia.

PIN System is a platform that improves collaboration, data management and industry-specific automation to support business growth.

Can you tell us about The PIN System? When did you start the business and why?

Blueocean Technologies started back in 2007 and I was inspired by my experiences while working in a media company. From tracking leads and sales to editorial assignments and publishing deadlines, the business is very dependent on passing information effectively between client servicing to project manager to art department to editorial etc.

It involves a lot of manual communication and data handling which often led to mistakes, internal arguments and emotional stress within the organisation.

Hence, PIN System was developed to streamline and automate all of these functions and process to ease the pain of manual work. With the same objectives, our key focus and solutions are now tailored to advertising and media agencies.

What are Blueocean Technologies’ biggest business challenges so far? And what are the major pain points prior to using Exabytes’ products & services?

PIN System is best suited to advertising agencies for project and media planning that are growing across multiple markets. Our clients include top companies such as Hakuhodo, Trapper, Invictus, Dentsu, and many more.

As we’re expanding our business overseas, and with our presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea, our team was swamped with a lot of clients’ requests and technical issues.

Faced and swamped with these issues, I started to look for alternative ways in solving our technical issues and we found Exabytes. 

By using Exabytes’ products & services, can you measure any reduced costs or improvements in productivity?

Once we got PIN System server management and operation hosted and managed by Exabytes and the support team in 2013, it eventually relieved the work stress within our technical team and our team is able to focus on their expertise in research and development for greater products and solutions for our clients.

This is definitely a good sign of improvement in our productivity.


Coming across with Blueocean Technologies and getting to know PIN System was an eye-opener for us. We admire your determination in making the impossible possible, and we are pleased to learn that Exabytes’ products and services have contributed towards the success journey of Blueoocean.

We wish you all the very best in further growing your business. Congratulations and let us grow together digitally.