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Two People Studio — Creative Post-Production Studio

Opened in 2014:

two people studio

Introduce your business and tell us your story: What kind of business do you run?

We’re a post-production studio where we do animation design! That means from motion graphics, 3D animation, VFX, etc —that’s us right here. One of the main inspirations that drive us to run Two People Studio is the desire for the sense of fulfilment in the work that we do.

Two People Studio was founded by me and my wife, Rong.At the time Rong was working a dead-end job, while I was also planning my future career. Having already had some clients from her past experience in freelancing, and with my encouragement, Rong quit her job and started freelancing again, while I was there to help her out whenever she needs it.

We were lucky there were quite a few projects coming in, and we had a lot of fun and satisfaction working on them together, hence we decided to start the company and try to take it to the next level.

Where are you headed as a business?

Our aim is that one day the studio can be known as the go-to firm for any animation design work! Just to share, there are many efforts that we are making to reach our goal today.

Firstly, we set a benchmark for ourselves – through our works we constantly check out the works from many famous companies, one of which is Buck, an American company which has inspired us a lot in many ways, and because we love their work so much, we have set them as our benchmark and we intend to reach that benchmark in 5 years time.

Secondly, we try to educate ourselves to be better people, by attending seminars and conferences to widen our perspectives and learn new things from people around the world. Just recently we attended CREATE Philippines, an event that brings designers together to learn from and educate one another. There was even a masterclass conducted by Chris Do, founder of The Futur.

Next, internally we constantly do reviews and appraisals with our designers to align their visions with ours, and to make sure that they are happy and feel the same sense of fulfilment as we do. If we all love what we do, we will do it to the best of our efforts and produce the best quality works.

Last but not least, we also try our best to inspire our clients to be more accepting of fresh and creative ideas. Through our works, we always try to outdo ourselves by proposing fresh ideas and approaches to the clients, in the hopes that they would appreciate our professionalism as designers, thus granting us more creative freedom in the works we do for them.



What convinced you to try our products/services?

Definitely by referrals!

How have you benefited from using our product/service?

Being in the creative industry, branding is a vital part of the process.

Having a domain name, website and business email allow us to be more recognized as a serious and credible brand.

As said, we’re gearing to be the go-to firm for any animation design work!


What would you tell other people who were thinking of starting their business journey online?

I would advise them to first get to know everything they can about the business before jumping into it.

I hope our story can help and inspire the readers and to always have great passion in what they do, venturing into the vast unknown with the team members, and leading them to success.


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