Success Stories: Zheelyn Collection Saw 40% Increase in Sales with an e-Commerce Website


Success Stories: Zheelyn Collection Saw 40% Increase in Sales with an e-Commerce Website

A success story from Zheelyn Collection, we hear their experiences in doing business on Instagram and what made them decide to advance into a website.

Zheelyn shares their thoughts on how Exabytes’ SamaSamaDigital program has helped them in facing the difficulties which arose since the hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and affected their business economy.

Can you please share some details on the business nature of Zheelyn Collection?

Zheelyn Collection is a watch hub carrying original brands. They have been operating for 8 years in Malaysia, selling their products at affordable prices.

Which package did you choose from Exabytes’ SamaSamaDigital program?

We chose the All-In-1-Ecommerce Solutions Plan from the #SamaSamaDigital program as we wanted to change from just trading on Instagram to a website of our own.

For us, it is important to have the help of the subsidies offered so we can have an e-commerce website at a low price.

What was your biggest challenge during MCO?

Our main challenge was losing customers when MCO started. We were trying to look for new platforms to cater to our customers. Prior to this, we were marketing our products on Instagram.

With this, our audience was limited and we needed to grow our business. We needed a website with a complete payment gateway and order form to facilitate our business transactions.

When we were operating our business using Instagram, we’ve encountered problems where our Instagram account was suddenly being disabled. When that happened, we lost all our 29.5k of followers.

It is when issues like that occur that make us realise the importance of having a backup when operating our business digitally.

How did Exabytes’ service help your business to grow?

The #SamaSamaDigital program came just in time to help us. We now have our own e-Commerce website with a complete payment gateway and security on all our transactions are guaranteed. 

Our sales have increased by up to 40% since having our website built and operating from it. What has contributed to the increase in our sales is the flexibility of our payment gateway.

Customers can now use either credit or debit cards to make payment. We now also have the option for customers to pay in instalments with 0% interest rate.

What are your thoughts after joining #SamaSamaDigital?

We feel that the #SamaSamaDigital program is very helpful to our company, Zheelyn Collection, especially when facing the challenges of the Covid-19 period.

Our e-Commerce website has also helped to further expand the operations of our company.

With this program, we can build our brand name. From trading on Instagram to owning our own professional and organised website, all we got to do now is to focus on marketing our products and managing our orders.

Our new customers have increased by 15% since using our own website.

How did you hear about Exabytes?

We got to know about Exabytes through the #SamaSamaDigital program. We were looking for an opportunity to have our own website at an affordable price, and we saw Exabytes’ advertisement on the #SamaSamaDigital program on social media.

And we immediately seized the opportunity to see the growth we have today.

Would you recommend SamaSamaDigital or Exabytes to your family and friends?

Yes, we are very happy to recommend this program and share our success from this program. The #SamaSamaDigital program provides subsidies for Bumiputera SMEs to digitise their businesses.

We hope that more merchants will seize this opportunity and use the RM10,000 subsidy provided to have a special e-Commerce website for your own business. 

The services provided by Exabytes has been over our satisfaction. They have a professional team that will help you from the beginning till the end.

We hope that from our success stories, other entrepreneurs will start to look for possibilities and alternatives to grow their businesses online. Don’t just focus on one channel.


We would like to thank Zheelyn Collection for trusting Exabytes’ #SamaSamaDigital campaign, where we can jointly grow your business together.

We hope that Zheelyn will continue to grow their business further, and that digitalisation has helped not only to grow their business but have also managed to alleviate unnecessary burdens to their daily operations.