Success Story: Digitization Journey of Lion File


Exabytes Case Studies Lion File

Lion File had a mission to reach out internationally.

Digitalisation has enabled them to reach potential clients efficiency, but find out how they kicked-started their exporting journey easily with Exabytes.

Exabytes is proud to be part of the Digitization journey of Lion File.

Can you tell us about Lion File?

Lion File is a manufacturing company, and we’re now the leading manufacturer and exporter of filing stationeries, envelopes and other PP stationery products in Malaysia.

Today, a full range of products under our registered name of LION FILE, ALBA RADO and ENVELORD have achieved a high level of quality and standard, and, since 2000, have been the popular brands in the Malaysian market and are also exported to over 30 countries, such as the Middle East and Europe.

What are the biggest challenges prior to using Exabytes Digital products & services?

Traditionally, before we got into digitalisation, in order to reach out to traders for export markets, we had to visit our distributors and wholesalers, in every part of the regions.

It took a lot more effort to visit each distributor and wholesaler, and it’s very time consuming as well.

How has Exabytes Digital impacted Lion File?

As we turn our business into digitalisation, we have launched our own website (to target international clients), started an e-commerce store (to serve the local market) and created an Alibaba account thru Exabytes Alibaba Global Gold Supplier (to reach out to the export markets).

Going digital has really helped us to more efficiently reach out to our potential clients and customers.

We have two websites serving different types of customers, and we also recorded a 30% growth month on month.

With the versatility of digital ads, we have the opportunity to understand, in more detail, our potential customers’ profile and also to reach out to the right target audiences.

What would be your advice for businesses to go digital?

Although there are a lot of tools we can use to digitize our business, learning to use them skillfully would require time, and this could mean omitting or losing a lot of potential business opportunities.

Thus I think it’s wise that businesses leave it to the expert, such as Exabytes Digital.

When we first started, we aimed very, very high. To achieve our goals, we did it step by step.

We started off with a professional SEO friendly website, a powerful e-commerce store with features such as an e-commerce shopping cart and payment gateways, online security, and then moved on to digital marketing.

Would you recommend Exabytes Digital?

By engaging Exabytes Digital, you will have a full-service spectrum, from domain names, website hosting and even shopping cart – they have a team to assist you, to analyse the data and provide advice based on your business needs.

Also, they’re able to tailor a plan for your marketing strategy, from digital marketing to SEO and SEM.

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