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Cloud Hosting is all the hype these days, but the main question is still, Does It Really Help Your Websites and Business?

Growing and trending steadily, Cloud is the future of web hosting as it gives your website the POWER OF SCALABILITY, HIGH AVAILABILITY and many more, something which shared hosting is not able to offer you!

The advantages of cloud hosting over conventional shared hosting / dedicated servers can be summarized as the following:

  • website / computing power scalability
  • cost saving due to hardware elimination and ‘pay as you use’
  • guaranteed website performance and experience
  • more internal IT resources for users
  • easy implementation
  • High availability

The Applications of Cloud Hosting:

  • Social Media Sites
  • Web Applications
  • Facebook Applications
  • Business Applications

One Example of Cloud Hosting Users

Gmail as one of the biggest users of cloud utilizes cloud technology to ensure that all its users experience optimum email loading speed even during peak hours.

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