The Best 45 Coworking Spaces In Malaysia


best 45 coworking spaces in malaysia

With the growing numbers of coworking spaces popping up everywhere, we can’t help but give it a serious thought.

As cosy as a home office sounds, we can’t deny there are certain distractions (beds, TV, pets and more) that we could live without.

Especially when projects are approaching the deadlines!

Co-working space not only helps to compartmentalize your personal-work structure but also offers opportunities for networking.

To make things easier, we have compiled The Best 45 Coworking Spaces In Malaysia.

Bear in mind these spaces have from the simplest minimal interior structure to the gorgeous out-of-box decorations. There’s something for everyone!

malaysia co-worksing space 2018

While it’s nice having a summary of coworking space by location to choose from, there are factors to consider before choosing the one.

Believe us, it’s not only just about the space! Here are 5 important things to consider before signing up:

1. Office Amenities

Most of the coworking spaces will be kitted out with the standard equipment.

That doesn’t mean you should just accept the offer straightaway if it pleases you.

Do ask about anything extra such as meeting facilities, presentation tools, media rooms etc.

2. Atmosphere

Your coworking space should be one to spark productivity.

Take a tour around and observe how are the current space users utilize that space before deciding.

3. Seamless & Fast Internet

We can’t stress this enough.

Choose a space where the internet stability is seamless and fast.

Do ask about the wifi speed test to ensure they’re up to your requirement, especially when your scope of work is cloud-based.

4. Perks

Many coworking spaces offer perks for their members such as free beverages, exclusive deals to certain brands and outlet etc.

Do check with them if they are an Exabytes Co-Working Space Partner.

Because you could get more than RM1500 credits to kickstart/support your next great idea.

Read more about Exabytes Co-Working Space Partner Program below.

5. Security & Access

Is space open 24/7? Do you use an access card to enter?

How are the security there especially if you are working late nights?

Do check with the security protocols and whether the access is flexible to you, yet safe from unwanted threats.

Exabytes Co-Working Space Partner Program

This partnership program aims to benefit co-working spaces and their members.

Co-working spaces can enjoy free workshops and events conducted by professionals from Exabytes at their premises, plus other exciting benefits.

Moreover, when you register as a member of the participating coworking space, you can obtain business funding from Exabytes JumpStart Program, which will strongly boost your startup plans.

Exabytes Co-Working Space Partner Program benefits

To learn more about Exabytes Co-Working Space Partner Program, visit our website here:

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