Top 10 Courier Services in Malaysia (Update 2023)



If you are selling online, one of the most important decisions you can make is to choose the right courier service for your business.

Your trusted courier service company will provide the final contact between you and your customers.

Therefore, regardless of the level of services you provide to the customer on the website, if your courier service does not perform well in order fulfilment, your customers may have a negative experience and choose not to purchase from you again.

Let’s find out which courier service is suitable for your business when it comes to pricing and reliability.

1. Pgeon

Pgeon Delivery is a new courier service in Malaysia offering RM5 flat delivery rate anywhere between KL, Selangor and Penang.

Pgeon is a new last-mile delivery service that enables customers to pick up or drop off their parcels at its one-stop parcel collection centres known as Pgeon Points.

Senders can opt to drop off their parcel at any of their 3,000 partnered outlets or have the parcels picked up from customer’s doorstep.

On the other hand, recipients can also choose to self-collect the parcel from Pgeon points or have it sent directly to their doorstep.

When you Quote and Book your delivery, all you need to do is select ‘Pgeon Delivery (Point to Door)’ as your courier.  Pgeon Points serve as the drop-off and pick-up points for your parcels, such as 99speedmart and

2. Pos Laju

With over 1,000 outlets and presence in 80% of populated areas in Malaysia, it is safe to say that Pos Laju is the courier service with the highest network coverage nationwide.

With Pos Laju, certain areas in Malaysia are able to enjoy guaranteed next working day delivery at affordable rates. It offers different pricing for documents and parcels.

Pos Laju offers both local and international delivery services and 8 package plans to choose from at competitive rates and benefits. All bookings are done online or via the app. This includes pick-up services at no extra charges.

You may also use their shipment rate calculator to get a parcel quotation, whether it is for domestic or international delivery. Check out here: RateCalculator


3. GDex

GDex does not use a flat rate for shipments across Malaysia but is available widely in both east and west Malaysia.

GD Express provides all conventional courier services, such as next-day delivery service, same-day delivery service, international express delivery, standard pickup and COD.

A quick test on the rate calculator shows that it costs around RM13  to send a 1kg parcel from Penang to KL. You can drop off in your parcel at any of their outlet for a cheaper delivery rate.

Whether you’re sending your parcel within Peninsular Malaysia or to East Malaysia, the delivery rate on GDex is about the same.

GDex Domestic Rates
The latest update on the GDex Domestic Rate (January 2023)

4. ABX  Express

ABX is another experienced courier service that started more than 30 years ago. ABX provides different pricing for major and minor areas in the country. 

ABX Express, which stands for Asian Business Exchange, is now known as KEX Express.

October 2022 announced that KEX Express will be ABX’s new identity for its courier service provider business, and it will be used for all of its operations as well as its website.

KEX Express courier service

5. J&T Express

J&T Express is a company of more than 4500 employees nationwide with 520 vehicles and 15 gateways to provide customers with the best convenience in Malaysia.


6. Skynet Express

Skynet has been in Malaysia for more than 15 years. It currently owns and operates an extensive network of 59 offices and 23 access points. It has more than 1,000 employees and 546 vehicles on the road to and from East Malaysia and International destinations.

Skynet provides services such as remote area services, weekend and holidays services and extended service hours. With this customers won’t have to wait till the weekend is over to get their parcel.



TA-Q-BIN is one of the few express services in Malaysia. It can provide delivery services at 3 different temperatures: normal temperature, refrigerated and frozen.

The delivery rate is calculated based on the package volume, which makes it the preferred method of transportation for heavy or frozen items.

The maximum package weight accepted is 25 kg.

On your end, you just have to make sure that your item has been pre-cooled before collection. Non-HALAL food is strictly prohibited as a shipment. (**TA-Q-BIN does not receive parcels with sizes over 160cm or weighs over 25kg for safety purposes)



Customer A would like to send a parcel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. The parcel box measurements are:

Parcel Size = 10 cm (A) + 15 cm (B) + 23 cm (C) = 48 cm

Since the TA-Q-BIN box size is less than 60 and it is a cross-state shipment, this parcel shipment will be charged at RM 21.00

8. Citylink

Citylink has over 30 years of experience in the delivery industry. It is more often used to deliver documents or heavy items.

Before you book, you can also use their rate calculator to get a quick quotation beforehand. With reference to the image below, 1 kg of parcel delivered from Penang to Selangor costs about RM 19.90.

However, Citylink doesn’t have a mobile application in which customers can track their parcel.

Top-10-Courier-Services-In-Malaysia9. DHL Express

DHL is part of the world’s leading postal and logistics company founded in 1969. 

DHL offers insurance along with their shipment service. For both domestic and international shipments, insurance is charged by shipment value.


10. FedEx

FedEx Express is the world’s largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories.


Comparison: Top 10 Courier Services in Malaysia 2020

Courier Best For Shipping Rate (1kg)
1. Pgeon Point to door, Pgeon collect and Pgeon delivery RM 5.00
2. Pos Laju Local and international parcel delivery RM 8.50
3. GDex Domestic express carrier and international express carrier RM12 – RM13
(Please use the volumetric calculator here)
4. ABX  Express Domestic Express Package (DEP) & Domestic Parcel Express (DPX). RM6.60- RM7.30
5. J&T Express Local and Singapore Shipping RM9.90

(Please use the volumetric calculator here)

6. Skynet Express Extended service hours, remote area services, weekend and holidays services. RM6.00 – RM7.80
7. TA-Q-BIN Courier service for frozen food RM17 – RM101
8. Citylink Door-to-door domestic and international express delivery. Courier service for large/big items RM19.90
9. DHL Express Parcel and document shipping, freight shipping, solutions and special expertise Visit here for a quotation
10. FedEx Courier service with good packaging  Visit here for a quotation

I hope this blog post helps you decide on the courier services best suit for your business. Stay updated at Exabytes Blog.


Last Updated: 18th May 2020. This Top 10 Courier Services in Malaysia 2020 blog post is for reference only. Information may be different from the date of publication and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information shared.

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