Top 5 Creative Malaysia CNY Story-Based Video Ads 2021


Top 5 Creative Malaysia CNY Video Ads 2021

Year of the Ox 2021 is the most unique Chinese New Year for Malaysians.

No drums, No house visits, No meriah like the previous CNY.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we communicate and interact.

We started buying things online, learning online, and working online.

Most businesses have taken their business online by setting up a website or online store.

At the same time, many businesses created their CNY video ad in conjunction with CNY and spread their influence.

While staying home in Chinese New Year, these CNY video ads bring us joy, fun and hope.

In this post, we are pleased to present to you the 5 most creative CNY ads that touch our heart.

PETRONAS CNY 2021 – 一起 “Yi Qi”

“For many years, we would always anticipate Petronas CNY Ads as they are special, touching and meaningful to Malaysians. “

Do you agree with the statement above? This is how Petronas builds a strong brand.

For many of us, we still remember the story of the previous Petronas ad – My Son, in which four Old Women in the Nursing home talking about their sons.

This year the company uses a special way to present a message: “Even the unexpected has affected our peaceful daily life, but as long as we work together, we will be able to win the war and get back to normal.

A Brief Introduction of Petronas CNY Ad 2021:
This refreshing take is inspired by the mythical tale of dancing lions that drove away evil spirits.

In a village where lions move to the beat of the drums, everything turns bleak one day when the sound of the drums disappears.

Watch how these lions rise above their challenges and find a new rhythm of joy.


I believe that one of the famous ads from TNB is the #RealityNotVirtual from last year’s CNY.

It’s a story about a young man celebrating CNY with a 3D Virtual Headset and Glasses who couldn’t go back to his hometown for CNY.

This year, TNB reimagined the familiar Chinese Legend of Nian and how we could fight to win over the evil Nian.

We can win this battle if we fight “Nian” (COVID19) hand in hand.

The CNY ad brings out meaningful messages to the audience and creates a good brand effect.

After all, branding is not just about the brand, It is about how we remember and understand the brand value.

A Brief Introduction of TNB CNY Ad 2021:

A group of citizens in a small village believe that their wise master holds the secret to defeat Nian and bring back peace and prosperity for their village.

Well, the secret to winning is to ”spread the joy and energy among us to overcome any challenges together.”


Hmmm…I can’t really recall any ads from Watsons but this year’s ad really does its job in making people remember the brand.

The team invited many famous actors and YouTubers / Red People (known as Key Opinion Influencer) to participate in the video.

It was a brilliant strategy from the perspective of marketing.

For one, followers of these famous actors and YouTubers / Red People are sure to watch and share this CNY ad.

A Brief Introduction of Watsons CNY Ad 2021:

The ad is about two pretty ladies, Lian Jie and Liu Jie who used to be famous singers back then in the 90s.

But they ended their career because of a small fight.

When Liu Jie’s kids discover an old CD, they pakat with Lian Jie’s daughter to bring them back to singing together again.

Maxis CNY 2021 – Little Lion

Okay, to be honest, I am a Maxis customer but still I can’t recall any memorable ad from the brand.

To me, the Digi’s Yellow Guys from ‘I will follow You’ made a more lasting impression.

But this year, the heartwarming story of Maxis CNY video ad touches us.

The main message? The biggest wealth is the health of our beloved ones, especially for those who couldn’t go back for the celebration.

I especially love what is mentioned in the video:

“Our Family’s Health is the Biggest Wealth. Our family keeps us on our feet. Our health pushes us forward.”

A Brief Introduction of Maxis CNY Ad 2021:

A little boy dreams of following his family’s footsteps to become the best lion dancer one day.

However, no one in his family is keen on teaching him despite having asked them countless times.

No lion dance performance this year too. Being unhappy, he confronted his family.

The ending? He received an unexpected answer.

#GamudaLand​ – Rejoice in Harmony《家睦则达》

Gamuda Land came up with an innovative video concept which uses emojis as a representation of our emotions in virtual conversions.

It’s a creative idea that reflects the new norm of communication in 2021.

Although this ad is unlike any touching video mentioned above, it definitely cheers you up and puts a smile on your face.

The company uses a unique way of marketing communication to deliver the message of the property developer.

The video is not about the products or services. Instead, it brings out the unity of the family.

A Brief Introduction of Gamuda Land CNY Ad 2021:

Ah Bi’s family is struggling to keep their kopitiam business afloat, and it’s up to her to help everyone see eye-to-eye again.

How can this be achieved? Make all her family members reunite and work together.


Final Thoughts

I believe that there are still many more creative ads out there. We would love to hear it from you!

To me, I always believe that a brand should not only sell its products or services but also bring out its value to the customers.

Moreover, besides telling how good a product is in the ad, a brand can share a meaningful value that we can learn together.

Exabytes wishing everyone a healthy and happy Chinese New Year! By working hand in hand, I believe we can beat “Nian” this year.


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