What Kind of Website Can I Build for My Business?


what kind of websites can i build for my business

There are many types of websites around the world.

How many websites do you know? Originally, websites were purely informational.

Nowadays, people use websites to run for business. How to start an online business?

Therefore, here we will discuss what kind of website for online business.

1. Ecommerce Website 

Ecommerce websites refer to a website that allows you to buy and sell tangible products, digital products or services.

If you plan to start a business you may prefer to build an e-commerce website for your business.


Creating an ecommerce website may help you to access your new customer more easily. There are many people around the world who use the Internet.

This means there are many people viewing your website looking for your products and services.

Hence, your business gains brand exposure. 

2. Business Website

A business website is a website that represents a specific business and communicates the types of product or service the business offers.

Business websites do not sell anything directly, but rather encourage visitors to get in contact for more information or come to a storefront if they’re interested in becoming customers. 

online store example

Every website has its own purpose where business websites may be the lifeblood of sales activity, or simply an information hub.

One of the benefits of a business website is to provide a platform for those customers who want to get more information about the company and the product that provides.

Think about that if your business does not have a website, how customers will think if they cannot search you. 

3. Brochure Website

Brochure websites are a standard request made by small businesses that have a limited budget and who rarely make changes to their website content.

It is a simple website which provides contact information and details of the package. 

Brochure Website

Brochure websites are common in the early year but it still can work depending on a person and type of business.

If you have a budget then you may prefer a brochure website. 

4. Educational Website

Educational websites can include websites that have games, videos or topic related resources that act as tools to enhance learning and supplement classroom teaching.

These websites help make the process of learning entertaining and attractive to the student, especially in today’s age. 

linkedin education page

You are suggested to build an educational website because an educational website brings benefit to a company.

The chance of exposure is high.

When customers search for an online course, it will easily access the customer.

A free course may engage the customers with the company easily. 

5. Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are websites that are built to showcase a businesses services, work, and anything else worthy of display.

It also shows the past work.

Portfolio websites aim to show the potential customers about quality of past work and collect the best work. 

Portfolio Website

It typically consists of multiple pages and does not include any selling functionality nor any complex functionality whatsoever.

Good portfolio websites have excellent visual design, creative, showcase the best work of the designer, information on services provided, easy contact information, able to be found, and beautiful portfolio website. 

6. Media Website 

Media websites is a website that shows news and reporting.

Media website includes sites like the Sun daily, and the Star.

Normally media websites make money through advertisements that show on the site by paying advertisement fee to the website owner.

Media websites also earn money through subscription. 

the star online page

Other than this type of media website, an online video channel is also one type of media website.

For example, YouTube is a sharing video media.

People pay an advertisement fee for video owners to show their advertisement on video.

Hence, the video owner will earn the money. 

7. Infopreneur Website

Infopreneur website is a website who collects information from multiple sources and personal experiences to create a unique package.

Infopreneurs create and sell information products in the form of courses, tutorials, videos or ebooks.

In short, an infopreneur is an entrepreneur who specializes in the sale and distribution of information products and sells their knowledge online. 

Infopreneur website

Infopreneur is the fastest way to reach a large number of people.

Before you start, you must choose valuable information so that you reach more people and audiences.

Next, you must always provide information to build a loyal audience and affect people to upgrade to premium content. 

As an infopreneur, he needs to work hard to build valuable knowledge or information and convince the audience the educational products worth buying.

8. Entertainment Website

Entertainment website is a website that provides entertainment information, pictures, interactive online service, funny comics and fun quizzes.

An entertainment website has bright image, animation, entertainment information,  online games and video.

The purpose of an entertainment website is to entertain the audience by using funny images and animation effects. 

netflix homepage

An entertainment site often includes funny elements because most of the people visit just for fun and fill their free time.

Hence, a chat room and forums is the important element where an entertainment website needs.

If you want to start an entertainment website, you may make more funny videos, interactive images and funny blogs. 

How does an entertainment website earn money?

An entertainment website earns money through advertisement.

The more people visit the website, the more advertisements are there.

9. Landing Page Website

Landing page website is a website that encourages the visitor to do something.

A landing page is a standalone web page which is for a marketing or advertising purpose.

It’s where the visitor “lands” after they click the link on email or ads from the web.

For example, a website that needs a customer or visitor to subscribe, or to buy a ticket.

Landing page aims for a single goal or we call it a call to action.

Normally, it’s where a conversation like a purchase, signup, or registration will take place. 

Landing Page

Landing pages are different from other pages because they focus on specific and short-term goals.

Hence you can get the results you want.

Landing page has its benefit which is it can increase conversation, improve paid ad campaigns, boost your credibility, and reinforce your brand.

10. Corporate Website

Corporate website is a company’s official website that represents the company.

The website contains information about the company history, activities, product or service offered.

When you start to do a corporate website, make sure that you create a good design because it is the first and foremost an image tool.

The design must match with your company’s style so that it can build confidence among the customers. 

coway homepageThe purpose of a corporate website is finding new customers, building a corporate image, finding new employees, increasing brand exposure, building engagement with customers and providing efficient communication with customers.

Think about if the chance of exposure of the brand is high, the access of customers is also high. Hence, potential customers will become a loyal customer.


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