What is Google Keep & How to Use It Effectively


What is Google Keep

Professionals, students, and busy people all adore Google Keep because it is a potent note-taking and task management tool.

Google Keep is now the go-to tool for managing, prioritizing, and organizing projects, ideas, and information because of its user-friendly layout, straightforward functionality, and seamless connection with other Google apps.

The number of people using Google’s services and products, including Google Keep, has surpassed 1 billion, and it’s still growing. The largest user base belongs to Google Sites, which has 250.5 million subscribers.

What is Google Keep?

One can create, organize, and access notes, to-do list, reminders, and photographs with Google Keep, a free task management and note-taking tool, from any device with an internet connection. It is accessible as a Chrome extension, an Android or iOS mobile app, and a web app.

Since its 2013 release, Google Keep has seen several upgrades and enhancements. It is one of the most widely used productivity applications today, with millions of users throughout the globe.

What Are the Key Features of Google Keep?

Google Keep Interface

1# Lists and Notes

One may style notes and lists in Google Keep using a variety of features, including bullets, numbering, checkboxes, and color coding.

It is simple to record thoughts and information while on the go thanks to the ability to add photos, links, and voice memos to note-taking and To-do list.

2# Project Management

Strong task management tools are available in Google Keep, including labels, due dates, and reminders.

One may opt to get notifications through email, pop-up, or push notifications and create reminders for particular lists or note-taking.

Tasks can also have due dates assigned to them, and they can be ranked in order of significance and urgency.

Using labels to group tasks and notes also makes it simple to filter and search for particular things.

3# Collaboration

It is simple to collaborate on jobs, projects, and assignments using Google Keep since it allows users to share their notes and lists with others.

The notes may be shared, edited, or commented on, and real-time changes can be followed. Event planning, group tasks, and team projects all greatly benefit from this tool.

4# Linking to Other Google Applications

Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Gmail are all effortlessly integrated with Google Keep. This enables sharing and access to notes and lists made in various applications, and vice versa.

To keep track of key deadlines and tasks, for example, one may attach Google Keep notes to Google Calendar events or emails.

How to Use Google Keep?

  1.  Google Keep is being used for virtual sticky notes.
  2. Use the Google Chrome extension to bookmark pages to create notes.
  3. On-the-go voice notes creation
  4. Team up with co-workers
  5. Set reminders
  6. Notes from Google Keep may be dropped into Google Documents.
  7. Make lists with Google Keep.

1# Google Keep is being used for virtual sticky notes.

To record thoughts and make reminders using text, checkboxes, and images, one may use Google Keep as a substitute for physical sticky notes.

Sticky notes may be successfully organised using Google Keep as an organizational tool by color-coding them according to topic or label.

Reminders may be written on sticky notes, and sharing note-taking allows for cooperation.

When used as a task management with to-do lists, Google Keep makes project administration simple.

Reminders may be set up based on dates or locations, and one can share notes with friends, family, or co-workers.

2# Use the Google Chrome extension to bookmark pages to create notes.

Using the Google Chrome Extension to bookmark is one of the best methods to use Google Keep. Install the Google Keep Chrome extension to create a note-based bookmark for a website.

Moreover, the addon will preserve the website’s URL in the note. While conducting research on a certain subject and locating information online, bookmarking these websites is helpful.

Related: Add the Google Keep Chrome Extension to your search browser.

3# On-the-go voice notes creation

One may record a brief audio note while one is on the road to remind one of something or to see using the Google Keep app for Android or iOS smartphones.

Often, recording a voice memo is quicker than typing one. One can start recording by clicking the microphone button at the bottom of the Google Keep app’s screen.

A separate note will include the audio file after the recording is finished.

4# Team up with co-workers

To quickly and conveniently keep them informed about what they are working on or if they need to finish action items, one may add collaborators to the notes.

For instance, a completed item on a To-do list instantly updates everyone on the progress that has been made.

All that is required is the addition of a name and email address (or a Google group), and collaborators may easily be eliminated at a later time.

5# Set reminders

Tap “Remind Me” on the top right of a note-taking to add reminders, schedule them to repeat (if wanted), or have one appear when one arrives at a certain area.

The Google Calendar will also display each time-sensitive note, adding another level of cross-device compatibility.

6# Notes from Google Keep may be dropped into Google Documents.

The Google Keep notes may be taken and dropped right into a Google Doc. While using Google Documents, one may access the Google Keep Notepad by selecting Tools from the menu bar.

The note options will show on a sidebar. Drag the necessary note into the Google Documents document.

As an alternative, while using Google Keep, choose the note one wants to transmit and then click the menu button to copy it to Google Documents.

7# Make lists with Google Keep.

The notes feature in Google Keep is ideal for list-making. One can make lists of tasks they want to do, books they want to read, movies they still want to see, and groceries. If one blogs, one should save the post ideas in a To-do list.


Google Keep offers users a ton of personalization choices without making it too complicated. The app’s sheer simplicity is also one of its main draws.

Note-taking is made a little bit easier with Google Keep’s simple layout and overall usability.

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