Experience Seamless Website and Server Performance with Plesk 360 Monitoring


plesk 360 monitoring

Discover the efficiency of Webpros 360 Monitoring—an acclaimed application for seamless site and server monitoring.

Navigating the challenges of scaling your online business becomes smoother with Plesk’s user-friendly tools, guaranteeing high-performing sites and servers while prioritizing security.

With personalized website uptime alerts and real-time server metrics, you’ll stay informed every step of the way.

Before diving in, let’s explore the essence of website and server monitoring.

Understanding Website and Server Monitoring

Website and server monitoring are essential practices in digital management. They involve tracking the performance, availability, and security of websites and servers to ensure uninterrupted operations and proactively address potential issues.

Let’s delve into the core concepts of website and server monitoring.

1. Website Monitoring: Ensuring Seamless User Experiences

Website monitoring involves continuous observation of a website’s performance, availability, and functionality.

It entails regular checks of metrics such as server response times, page loading speed, uptime, and critical website components. The primary objective is to maintain a smoothly running website that delivers a seamless user experience.

When issues like downtime, slow loading, or errors occur, website monitoring tools promptly notify site owners or administrators, enabling swift action to resolve problems and minimize disruptions to users and business activities.

2. Server Monitoring: Safeguarding Your IT Infrastructure

Servers play a pivotal role in your IT infrastructure, making server monitoring essential for optimal functioning.

Issues like downtime, slowness, or errors in your web server can lead to dissatisfied customers and data loss. Server monitoring ensures vigilant oversight, conducting tests to confirm accessibility and proper functioning.

It identifies errors and predicts potential issues, such as running out of disk space. This monitoring serves both real-time and historical data analysis, aiding in trend identification and crash prevention.

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Why is Website and Server Monitoring Software Essential?

Website and server monitoring software has become a necessity for online businesses and organizations.

Given the high volume of requests modern servers handle daily and the broad reach of many websites, ensuring optimal performance and uptime is critical for business productivity, reputation, and even survival.

1# Website Monitoring Software: Ensuring Smooth User Experiences

For website owners and administrators, website monitoring software is indispensable. It guarantees a seamless user experience by automatically assessing page loading speed, server functionality, and error occurrences. Swift alerts are triggered if issues arise, enabling quick resolutions.

Additionally, this software provides valuable insights into user behavior, aiding in site improvement. With such tools, you can maintain site efficiency, enhance user satisfaction, and elevate your online success.

2# Server Monitoring Software: Efficient Management of Server Resources

Efficient server management, whether single or multiple, relies on server monitoring software. Monitoring a single server for optimal user experience is demanding, while managing multiple servers is nearly impossible without proper tools.

Server monitoring software simplifies this by continuously tracking server performance, accessibility, and potential problems in real time.

It promptly alerts administrators about downtime, slowdowns, or errors, allowing proactive intervention. Through these tools, server managers ensure smooth operations, minimize downtime, and offer a seamless user experience on their websites.


Discover the Distinct Advantages of Plesk’s 360 Monitoring

360 Monitoring by Plesk

Uncover the exceptional benefits of Plesk’s 360 Monitoring—a more potent and streamlined version that brings unmatched advantages to website and server monitoring.

From comprehensive server metrics and crucial site oversight to user-friendly dashboards and real-time data analysis, let’s delve into how 360 Monitoring transforms the way you manage and enhance your online infrastructure.

Website Benefits: Mitigate Website Downtime with Effective Monitoring

Ensure constant website uptime and security through comprehensive checks encompassing SSL and HTTP(S) status, Time to First Byte (TTFB), DNS time, and ICMP (Ping) tracking.

Swift downtime alerts via multiple channels empower you to take prompt action before any visitor experiences disruptions.

Website Benefits: Maintain Server Process Control

Monitor pivotal server processes—CPU, memory, network, and disk usage—to ensure server health and prompt error detection.

Real-time notifications delivered across various channels instantly update you on any developments.

Website Benefits: Enhance Website Health and Issue Resolution

Leverage the Full Site Check crawler to spot common errors and potential performance risks, encompassing broken links, images, JavaScript errors, and large files.

Proactive monitoring and timely responses keep your website finely tuned.

Server Benefits: Streamlined Server Management

360 Monitoring provides a centralized platform catering to web builders, agencies, and developers, simplifying server monitoring.

Four configurable dashboards enable users to track metrics and performance from a single portal, eradicating the need for multiple interfaces.

Server Benefits: Essential Site Oversight

Ensure website uptime and efficiency using vital monitoring tools like downtime tracking, HTTP/S, TCP, ICMP (ping), keyword tracking, as well as SSL validity and expiration checks.

Server Benefits: In-Depth Server Metrics

Access robust server monitoring with critical metrics such as CPU usage, load times, network statistics (ping, bytes, packets), memory and swap usage, disk utilization (I/O), processes, and custom server metrics.

Over 40 additional extensions cater to monitoring web servers, databases, mail queues, PHP-FHM, and more.

Server Benefits: User-Friendly Dashboards

Four intuitive dashboards enable effortless data analysis, offering dedicated windows for statuses, servers, websites, and an all-inclusive metrics overview.

Server Benefits: Real-Time Data Insights and Historical Reporting

360 Monitoring captures real-time server data while retaining up to 30 days of historical information.

This empowers you to visualize performance trends and changes over up to 2 years. Monitoring intervals as brief as 60 seconds deliver timely updates.

Server Benefits: Personalized Notification Centers

Opt for preferred notification centers, like Discord or Slack, to receive real-time alerts and updates.

Administrators stay informed about server and site matters, even while on the move.


Powerful Features of 360 Monitoring by Plesk 

Websites: Website Monitoring

  • Downtime monitoring
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Multiple location checker
  • DNS time
  • HTTP/S, TCP (port), ICMP (ping) tracking
  • SSL validity & expiration checks
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Connection time

Websites: Full Site Check

  • Crawler
  • Broken link
  • JavaScript error
  • Identify big files
  • Identify broken images
  • Alert on errors & malfunctions
  • Google fonts check to comply with privacy law


Servers: Server Monitoring

  • Tracking CPU
  • Load times
  • Network statistics (ping, bytes, packets)
  • Memory and Swap
  • Disk usage (Overall, I/O)
  • Processes
  • Custom server metrics

Servers: Service Monitoring

  • Process monitoring
  • Web server monitoring (NGINX, Apache, LiteSpeed)
  • Database monitoring (MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis)
  • Exim / Postfix Mail Queue monitoring
  • CloudLinux
  • PHP-FPM (Including connections, slow requests, active processes, pool status & more)
  • IMAP & SMTPs

Servers: Advanced Reporting & Alerting

  • Multi channel notifications (Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, Telegram & more)
  • Monitoring intervals
  • Historical reporting
  • Data retention


Main Points to Remember

Ensure uninterrupted online business growth by embracing 360 Monitoring by Plesk. Bid farewell to time-consuming manual checks and expensive downtime incidents with these essential resources.

Whether your online business is compact or extensive, 360 Monitoring provides customized options, resources, and pricing that align with your requirements.

Maintain proactive management of potential concerns, ensure peak performance for your websites and servers, and concentrate on confident business expansion. Discover additional details about 360 Monitoring by visiting this link.

Unlock the Power of 360 Monitoring by Plesk. Experience Enhanced Monitoring Today.

Visit Plesk 360 official website here: 360monitoring.com

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