Do you know that 35% of websites in the entire world are built using WordPress? The figure also means approximately 75,000,000 websites out there are using WordPress right now. Why is WordPress the most preferred/popular CMS (Content Management System)? There must be some convincing reasons!

In this article, we will share with you 5 solid reasons why the majority of us choose WordPress. In fact, you should too. Read on to find out!

Lower setup and maintenances cost

One of the biggest reasons people love WordPress is the low setup and maintenance cost. The cost of getting a WordPress website done is relatively low compared to other CMS. In fact, the CMS itself is free, but one is not able to use it without a hosting and domain. Therefore it is strongly recommended to go for a managed WordPress hosting, instead of an ordinary web hosting.


A CMS built for everyone, any website

Lower cost doesn’t mean limited features and functions. In fact, more than 50,000 plugins are available for download and install to extend the functionality of WordPress. For sure, most of them are free, but some fees are required if you opt for certain advanced features.Thus, with these powerful plugins and themes, you can create any type of websites — blogs, ecommerce stores, fancy company websites — with zero restriction! Most importantly, WordPress is built with simplicity in mind; even if you are not a professional web developer, you can still build a great website by yourself.


The CMS that brings more traffic

One of the ultimate goals of any website is to get as much exposure, traffic, and visitors as you can. Thus it is of great importance to use a SEO friendly platform/software so that search engine like Google can find your site easily and display the it in relevant search results.

Different search engines have different algorithm. The rules of algorithm are dynamic and sophisticated; the more algorithm rules you fulfill, the better ranking in search results. Since WordPress core has been developed and optimized for search engines, you don’t have to worry about it at all. Moreover, there are a great number of plugins available that can further enhance the SEO of your website. For more advise on this topic, feel free to refer to our WordPress SEO guide to get more ideas.


WordPress helps to protect your site

Here comes another concern when running a website. You want it to be secured all the time. Hackers are continuously trying to find loopholes to attack websites on the internet. But the good news is, WordPress is developed with security in mind, with regular security updates to minimize website vulnerability.

If you wish to get extra protection for your site, follow these guidelines to ensure your site is highly secure all the time.


The WP community is always there to help

You must be frustrated when you encounter issues or problems with your website, but no worries, the huge WordPress community that is made up of countless WordPress gurus and experts have got your back. Most of the time, you can get the solutions instantly from WordPress official forum. If you are active in Facebook, you’re invited to join our Exabytes community group as well.

For more latest news and practical tutorials regarding WordPress, feel free to visit our blog or subscribe to our newsletters. Drop us a comment below and tell us any WordPress related topic you might be interested!


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