OnlineLahTauke Mobile Phone Short Film Making Contest

In an effort to create awareness among offline businessmen on the importance of expanding their business online as well as to encourage amateur video making enthusiasts to realize their dreams and get rewarded at the same time, Exabytes is organizing OnlineLahTauke Mobile Phone Short Film Making Contest!

Cash prizes are simply irresistible, check it out:


1st Prize:  RM 5,000 CASH

2nd Prize: RM 2,500 CASH

3rd Prize: RM 1,000 CASH

Mystery Award: RM500 CASH



Exert Your Creativity! Your ideas for this video should not be limited; it just needs to be related to the essence and the main message of “OnlineLahTauke”!

Happy Creating!

Just a few examples:

• Traditional business goes online

• How Internet and Websites help businesses to grow online?

• How Internet and Websites transform traditional business and enable them to be more successful online?

• Benefits of Online business as compared to Traditional Offline business

(You should not be constrained by these examples; we appreciate your creativity!)


What It Takes To WIN?

• A meaningful and unique storyline instead of fancy video effects

• You do not have to be a professional video maker to win! Remember, creativity rocks!

• Shoot with confidence using your mobile phone video camera


Don’t wait! With OnlineLahTauke Mobile Phone Short Film Making Contest, you can have great fun & WIN CASH at the same time!

MORE about How to Participate, Judging Criteria and T&C, visit:


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