Have you our valued blog followers ever heard of the term “Sensitive Name” in relation to .my domain names? In fact, Malaysian .my Domain Registry has recently introduced SNDRP, an administrative process designed to provide resolution to .my DOMAIN NAME DISPUTES with respect to “Sensitive Name”.

Indeed, what types of domain names are considered “Sensitive Name”?

According to SNDRP Policy and Rules, a Sensitive Name is a Domain Name which contains word or words in English, Malay and romanized Chinese (including dialects) and Indian dialects, which:

  • are sensitive to the Malaysian public;
  • are obscene, scandalous, indecent, offensive or contrary to Malaysian public norms or policy;
  • comprise of derivatives and colloquialisms of words that are offensive; and/or
  • consist of pejorative expressions in terms of denotation, connotation or association.

If you are the registrant (you are now called ‘the Respondent’) of a sensitive domain name, your domain will be deleted if ‘the Complainant’ successfully establishes that the use of your domain name contains a Sensitive Name.

However, if you as the Respondent are able to prove that the disputed domain name is not a sensitive name, you will get to keep your domain name.

So watch out!! Does your domain name contain something sensitive? 🙂 

For more information, including the documents governing the SNDRP and the flowchart of the SNDRP process, visit:

HYPERLINK “http://www.domainregistry.my/en/faq.php?id=136#301” http://www.domainregistry.my/en/faq.php?id=136#301

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