Zoho CRM vs Freshworks CRM: Which is Best?


Zoho vs. Freshworks CRM Software

Customer relationship management, both in the pre-sales scenario and in customer service and retention, has become paramount for businesses.

Relying on digital customer relationship management solutions like CRM software is increasing the efficiency and effectiveness with which businesses can manage customer relationship management.

Selection of the right CRM system that supports adequate functionality, and is affordable for small businesses is important, in this article, a comparative analysis of CRM software from Freshsales and Zoho is reviewed to understand the features and overall scoring of both the CRM software.

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The most notable differences between Zoho and Freshworks turned Freshsales CRM software system are:

  • Freshworks CRM supports the automated workflow feature across all formats of subscription, whereas Zoho has its automated workflow feature active only in the professional plans
  • The scope of integration for the CRM software with the other independent software systems is easier in the case of Zoho and Freshworks CRM software has a limited scope of integration.
  • Zoho has extensive customization scope, allowing the CRM software to be managed for distinct industrial verticals, whereas as in the case of Freshworks CRM, it is limited.

Zoho CRM a flagship product offering from Zoho is a robust customer relationship management suite launched 15 years ago, and there were many upgrades and added features integral to the current version of Zoho CRM software.

Zoho CRM software gained its popularity for the economic pricing, added features, and ease of usage in terms of contact management, analytics, and interaction platform.

Freshworks CRM system too is launched a few years back and the product services are extended for good CRM software.


The target segment of Freshwork is the SMBs to whom the CRM software service is offered at a reasonable pricing model.

Automation and other significant features of Freshworks seem fresh to manage the user experience and in effective customer relationship management.

Pricing Solutions 

Zoho CRM solutions are known to be one of the competitive pricing solutions in the CRM software segment.

It has a free edition supporting SMBs with limited feature usage for up to three users.

The entry-level pricing model starts at $12 per month on an annual billing basis, and it offers additional features like sales forecasting, a custom dashboard, marketing templates, and a few other features like emailing. 

However, the database records in this edition are limited to 100,000 records. The Professional edition of Zoho is expected around $20 per month on annual billing, and it has more solutions like email integration, social CRM, workflow management, unlimited customer records, and role-based security features. 

More premium subscription plans too are integral to the Zoho CRM software offerings for effective customer relationship management.

Pricing solutions from Freshworks CRM are more flexible, and it offers three pricing plans, which are resourceful for businesses depending on their size of operations.

The entry-level plan is ideal for small businesses, requiring effective CRM software for customer relationship management.

Costing around $29 per user per month billed annually, the scope of features included in the base version is predictive contact scoring, visual sales pipeline features, dashboard solution for custom reports, and drag-and-drop features for journey builder in the CRM software.

The other two pricing models offer more superior range of feature additions and value propositions for businesses.

However, the other two pricing models can be more resourceful for mid-level and large-scale companies having robust customer relationship management processes and needs.

The other key feature comparison between Zoho and Freshworks CRM software is

Zoho User Interface and Ease of use

Zoho Mail

Zoho designs and simple and effective for productivity.

All the key modules and features are integrated into the default home page, and some of the key features resourceful for the users are open tasks, and lead management.

Customer interaction data management using the Zoho CRM software is reasonable, and the search module widget is a highly resourceful solution.

Customer Management

Customer data management using CRM software requires significant ease, and in Zoho, there is a need for users to focus on a little customization process before it is set up for specific business use.

However, setting up the priorities is not a challenge in the system.

Additionally, there is a seamless integration of features, contact management, lead-related note-making, upcoming action items for each of the users, and other significant info.

CRM software from Zoho allows the page layout option wherein the users can handle a distinct set of products and services under one single CRM account.

An addon benefit is a scope of using the Sandbox feature wherein the custom module testing is feasible for the users.

A similar kind of ease in the processing is possible in the Freshworks interface of its CRM software.

In addition, the other advanced features like the predictive scoring system wherein the contacts in the CRM software are assessed using AI solutions and providing information on the prospective is a major value proposition in the Freshworks CRM.

Like Zoho, the other interface features for customer management are resourceful in Freshworks CRM and it is easier for people to have better access to the application systems.

Pipeline management and Lead management are the other key areas wherein the comparison is essential.

Both in the case of Zoho and Freshworks CRM, the studies have highlighted the best solutions available and the features available for the teams to address customer relationship management handled effectively.

From the quality of service and customer support perspective too, both CRM software are resourceful and when the small businesses can realize the suitable and appropriate requirements fitting the customer relationship management in their business, the best fit among Zoho or Freshworks can be chosen.

To have more information on the resourcefulness of CRM software for customer relationship management, and to get good offers for subscribing to Freshworks CRM solutions, reach out to the Exabytes team.

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