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Protect Malaysian online business against any cyber threats

From emails, websites, workstations to online network

Cyber Security

Secure your business ambitions with a robust cybersecurity strategy that spans from endpoint to network security


Cyber Security

SSL Certificate

Secure your customer’s online transactions and personal data

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Cyber Security


Supercharge your website speed and security

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Cyber Security

Acronis Cyber Protect

Protect your data from any cyber threat with a single solution

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Cyber Security

Sucuri Website Security

The ultimate website security to protect websites from hacker

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email marketing

Cyber Security

Email Spam Filtering

Highly accurate & efficient anti-spam that blocks 99.98% of spam

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Cyber Security

Acronis Advanced Security

Cyber Security Software for Home and Business

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Defend Against Cyber-attacks


of cyberattacks target small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs), making them three times more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals than larger companies.

RM1.5 million

is the average cost of a data breach for small businesses in Malaysia.


of small businesses in Malaysia have been affected by cyber threats, and 76% have suffered more than one attack.

About Cybersecurity Threats & Solutions

Explore cyber threats, prevention practices, and effective types of cybersecurity solutions to safeguard yourself and your organization.

Cyber Security Malaysia

Malaysia’s Cyber Threats Spike: The Future of Cybersecurity

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Types of Cyber Threats

Types of Phishing Nightmares You Never Want to Experience

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Cyber Attack Prevention

How to Prevent & Stop DDoS Attacks Effectively

Learn crucial DDoS protection tips to safeguard your online infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted operations against DDoS attacks.
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Cyber Security Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Solutions

Helps mitigate financial and reputational damage from cyber attacks. Prevents data breaches and loss of sensitive information.

Email Protection

Filters out unwanted and harmful email. Protects against phishing and malware attacks

Network Security

Protects websites and applications from cyber threats. Offers reliable uptime and availability for websites and applications.


Cybersecurity solutions refer to the measures and technologies implemented to protect digital systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access, attacks, and other security threats. They encompass various types of security measures aimed at safeguarding different aspects of an organization’s digital infrastructure.

Cybersecurity includes network security, which secures the organization’s network from unauthorized access. Cloud security protects cloud-based resources and data. Endpoint security secures individual devices connected to the network.

Website security ensures the protection of websites and web applications from vulnerabilities and attacks. Application security focuses on securing software and applications by identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities. DDoS protection involves mitigating and preventing Distributed Denial of Service attacks that aim to overwhelm a network or website with excessive traffic.

Additionally, incident response plays a crucial role in cybersecurity solutions, involving strategies and procedures to handle and respond to security incidents effectively. Vulnerability assessment helps identify potential weaknesses in an organization’s systems and infrastructure, allowing for timely patching and mitigation.

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance for businesses due to the increasing prevalence of cyber threats and attacks. It plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive information, business data, and financial resources from unauthorized access, theft, and exploitation.

First and foremost, cyber threats pose significant risks to a business’s reputation. A successful cyber attack can result in the loss of customer trust and confidence, leading to long-term damage to the brand image. Moreover, businesses hold valuable data, such as customer information, intellectual property, and proprietary data, which are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Robust cybersecurity measures ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of this data, safeguarding it from unauthorized access, theft, or manipulation.

Cyber attacks can also result in severe financial costs for businesses. The fallout from an attack can include financial loss from data breaches, legal penalties, regulatory fines, and the expenses associated with incident response, remediation, and recovery efforts. Implementing effective cybersecurity measures minimizes the potential financial impact of cyber attacks.

All industries, regardless of size or operations, require cybersecurity measures to prevent cyber attacks. Sensitive data handlers like financial institutions, healthcare providers, and government agencies are at higher risk and need robust cybersecurity to protect personal information. Technology-dependent sectors such as energy, transportation, and telecommunications require advanced measures to prevent infrastructure disruptions.

E-commerce businesses, online service providers, and companies handling customer data should prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard information and prevent financial losses. The increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks make it essential for organizations to prioritize cybersecurity in order to protect their operations, reputation, and customer trust.

Exabytes, a leading web hosting and digital solutions provider, offers a range of cybersecurity solutions tailored for both SMEs and enterprise businesses. Our offerings aim to detect and protect against various cyber threats that organizations may face.

First, Exabytes provides advanced firewall protection to safeguard networks and servers from unauthorized access, malware, and other malicious activities. This ensures that sensitive data and infrastructure remain secure.

We also offer DDoS protection services, which help mitigate and prevent Distributed Denial of Service attacks that can disrupt online services. This ensures business continuity and uninterrupted access for customers.

Also, Exabytes provides secure email solutions, including email encryption and spam filtering, to protect sensitive information exchanged via email channels. For website security, we offer website scanning and malware removal services, helping to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and malicious code that can compromise the integrity of websites.

Exabytes also offers SSL certificates to encrypt data transmitted between websites and users, ensuring secure communication and building trust with customers. For enterprise customers, some of the powerful solutions we provide are endpoint security, PAM (privilege access management), 24×7 security incident monitoring and response, and more.

Exabytes is a trusted and well established web hosting and digital solutions provider. We hold industry certifications and accreditations that validate our cybersecurity credibility and competence.

One of the key certifications we possess is the ISO 27001 certification, which is an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems. This certification signifies that Exabytes follows rigorous security practices and has implemented robust controls to protect customer data and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Additionally, Exabytes is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified. This certification demonstrates our adherence to the security standards required for handling payment card data securely. It assures customers that Exabytes maintains a secure environment for processing, transmitting, and storing credit card information.

With these cyber security certifications, Exabytes is committed to maintaining high standards of security and compliance. These certifications serve as evidence of Exabytes’ credibility and competence in providing secure and reliable digital solutions, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to their cybersecurity needs.

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